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Let’s see if it’s meant to be…

Years ago I started collecting Grandma Bessie’s old recipes. My dad had many of them—some written in his mother’s handwriting, others in his.

I collected Dad’s stories of growing up in a home without a father, and how his mom supported he and his sister by baking for all the restaurants in her community.

My aunt sent me a cassette tape full of her memories. So did my cousin Jolana, as she lived off and on with Grandma during her growing up years. (Her folks were Wycliffe Bible translators living in Mexico.)

Eventually, these recipes, stories, and old photos were woven into a book.

A simple book—just typed on an old typewriter, photos pasted in by hand, and copies made on a copy machine—everything held together with a simple binding.

I titled it Bessie’s Best: A David Family Heritage Cookbook. Copies went out as Christmas gifts to my family and cousins.

That was in 1995.

Grandma Bessie, my aunt, and my dad are all gone now. But my grandchildren can still get to know them by reading over a simple cookbook compiled over 20 years ago.

I’m creating a new book. One that holds my own stories. My own legacy.

A classic DIY project.

I’ll be writing the stories and publishing them in Shutterfly, so I can insert photos with each story.

I’d love to have you join me. Creating is always so much more fun when done with others.

Your book will probably be very different than mine.

It might contain the stories of your elders, rather than your own stories.

You might choose to make it a traditional paperback book or publish it on Kindle.

Perhaps your personality lends itself to a family recipe book, a scrapbook, maybe one more like a journal, or even a blog.

But whatever you choose, it will be a book of stories.

Stories that will be read for generations to come.

Not sure how to create your book of stories?

No problem. I’ve got you covered.

If this sounds super fun and the perfect gift for your family this Christmas, I invite you to join me for my video course:

Canning a LIFETIME of Story — Create and write the first book of your legacy stories for the people you love… without overwhelm.

You can find out all the details and the easy peasy step-by-step plan I’ve prepared to help you succeed…

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