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What I tell myself when life gets messy

Aaaaack! When life gets messy, my mind goes crazy with cluttered thoughts and my emotions don’t play nice.

Usually I’m not thinking anything about my legacy when that happens. I just want to survive.

But how I handle life’s messes communicates a lot about my values and faith.

People I love notice.

At such times it helps to have a script for your inner self-talk.

You know, a script you can steal that will work for your mess too.

So today I thought I’d share mine with you.

Go ahead… steal this self-talk

I basically use the same self-talk when dealing with “simple messy” to “big messy” problems.

From being overwhelmed by the un-decorating and cleaning up of a house full of Christmas decor…

…to being the emotional and spiritual support for a single daughter who’s just told me she’s pregnant.

(Yep, that happened.)

When life gets messy, tell yourself THIS:

I CAN do this. I’ve dealt with harder things in life, I will do this.

If a pioneer woman can travel across the wilderness in a covered wagon, have a baby during the journey, AND build a log cabin, I can do this.

I don’t have to know everything to get through this. I’ve got Jesus to direct me and other people to advise me.

When I need energy… or wisdom… or another pair of hands, I’ll ask for help.

I CAN DO all things through Christ who gives me strength.

OK, God, what’s the first thing I need to do to get through this?

What’s the second step?

And a third step would be nice to see too, just so I know that one step leads to another and then another until we’ve gotten through this.

That’s it.

That… and a bunch of Scripture promises I keep on a set of flip cards next to my bed.

I just repeat that script off and on until the messy is cleaned up.

And oh, I almost forgot…

I make myself move forward. I put one foot in front of the other and do something.

Christmas decorations were put in boxes and then put in the shed. One BOX at a time.

I talked/cried/prayed and bought baby clothes with my daughter. I did something with my body as well as my mind.

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It works.

Catch you later, Susan

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  1. Kim

    Love the great reminders and as always your honesty.

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