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Totally bored with cheesy Valentine cards? 8 things to try, instead.

Say what? You want to send something special to those you love?

But you’re totally bored of the same old cheesy Valentine cards?

So am I.

Here are 8 things to try, instead (hint, hint… the last two are my favorite):

  1. Say I love you like a pirate:

“Aarrr! I just love ye, me beauty! Ye twinkle like the Caribbean sky.” What spouse, child, or teenager wouldn’t love to get a Valentine message like this? … Maybe in a text or a bottle (see #3 and #4 below.) Click HERE to brush up on your pirate jargon.

  1. Make a heart book: 10 Things I Love About (insert name)

Here’s a creative DIY project to make for your kids or grandchildren from Meg Cox, Traditions Expert. Click HERE to create some love.

  1. Three Unique Ideas for Romantic Text Messages

How to say I love you through texts—send a different one to your honey throughout the day on Valentine’s Day. Click HERE to get your texting fingers warmed up.

  1. {Secret} Message in a Bottle Valentine

Here’s a DIY idea I’m considering for my grandkids this year. And, yes, my honey would like it too. Click HERE to get the directions for making your secret message in a bottle.

  1. Valentine’s Day Tradition: Hearts of Loving Kindness (free printable)

Spread the love throughout the year by doing this little project with your kids for Valentine’s Day. Click HERE to get your kid’s hearts beating with kindness.

  1. Valentine Bingo With Grandchildren (free printable)

OK, so I over did it a little on the grandchildren Valentines, but you can use this idea with any little kids you have at home or teach in Sunday School. Click HERE to get your game on.

  1. Julie True’s album Soak Up the Love: Live Soaking Worship Music

Last month after receiving the Recipe for Love: Agape Marinade in my monthly newsletter, several of you contacted me asking where to purchase Julie True’s worship music. Click HERE for one of her albums that’s perfect for you to use as background soaking music when you worship Jesus, your One True Love.

  1. A Valentine’s Prayer for the Hearts of Your Grandchildren from Proverbs

Let your grandchildren know you are praying for them by putting this prayer in each grandchild’s Valentine’s card along with a note sharing something you’ve admired in them this past year. Example: “I love how you always want to share your toys with your friends.”

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray (child’s name) will:

  • trust you with all his/her heart
  • not depend on his/her own insight
  • keep your words in his/her heart
  • always have a cheerful happy heart
  • listen to the words of the wise
  • keep on the right course for life
  • reflect your love to the hearts o others
  • have a soft, teachable heart
  • above all else, guard his/her heart, for it is affects everything he/she does

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

by Lillian Ann Penner, used with permission. Click HERE to get her book Grandparenting With a Purpose; a book I highly recommend every grandparent read and use.

Now go make this Valentine’s Day special for those you love,


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