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Mama Bear and King Herod Face-off

Hey, did you catch the Tuesday morning news? I did while finishing up a cool Christmas/New Year’s gift for those who subscribe to my newsletter email list, which, btw, goes out this Sunday, the 20th. (My love language is gifts. So lucky you if you’re a subscriber!)

I was feeling pretty good about my day until I saw that a significant threat had been made to the Los Angeles and New York school districts.

Not cool. And not in the Christmas spirit… unless you’re a Herod.

(Herod was the nasty king who tried to get rid of baby Jesus by killing all the male babies in and around Bethlehem. You know… the standard terrorist, off-with-their-heads kind of king.)

The two school districts had very different responses. L.A. closed all its schools while N.Y. kept theirs open, calling the threat a hoax.

Regardless of who took the right action and who didn’t, people are mama bears when it comes to the safety of their kids. *grrrrr*

And they should be.

I count myself in the crowd of parents and grandparents who roar when I hear “Herod news reports.”

None of us like dire news stories interrupting our lives… ESPECIALLY reports threatening our kids… AND during the holidays?—DON’T even think about it.

If you haven’t ready, it’s time to join the mama bears who push back fear and intimidation, put on your spiritual armor, and stand guard over your kids and grandkids in the spirit while you honor the Prince of Peace.

Be the Mama Bear

Paul encouraged his disciple, Timothy, to be a mama bear when he wrote the following in 2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV words in italics are mine).

God hasn’t given you a spirit of fear. Yep, fear is a spirit. And it isn’t a good one. So don’t wear fear.

But of power, Wear God’s power. Because the only power you have is the BIG, universe-owning God who created you and gives you ALL the authority that stands behind His name when you use that name in spiritual warfare. So use it. (Talk about a BIG MAMA BEAR standing behind you and your kids!)

Love, Know that you are so loved by the One whose birth we celebrate that He promises never to leave or forsake you and those that are yours.

And people who threaten your little ones? Love them. (Jesus said that, you know… love your enemies.)

Our job is to love.

God’s job is to love … and … to hand out the millstone necklaces (see Mark 9:42).

God doesn’t like it when someone messes with His kids! And yes, He is still peaceful, kind, and forgiving. Just don’t mess with His kids.

And a sound mind. Capture your thoughts! Don’t let them dictate your emotions or mental rants. Fill your mind with worship and the promises of God instead. Pray the promises.

Stand with the Prince of Peace

Take your thoughts captive, resist the enemy by using the name above all names, watch the enemy flee (see James 4:7), and then love so strongly that fear bows to the Prince of Peace.

The San Bernardino terrorist attacks still hang like heavy black smog in the air around Southern California. The Paris attacks dim the holiday spirit for many who wonder if it will happen in their town.

Will you walk in fear this Christmas? Or will you stand with the Prince of Peace, be a mama bear and face Herod?

Standing with you,


(And, oh, by the way, if you’re new to my blog, earlier this year I shared How to Be Ready For a Terrorist Attack. If you need it, go read it.)

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  1. Clare Speer

    Such a great encouragement and “nudge” to fight spiritually for our families and children! Thanks for this!

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