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Don’t Take the Hotel Room Key

Ahhh vacation. Last Sunday we flew to Helsinki, Finland, to visit our son and his family. We spend two years paying all our bills and purchases with a credit card, which we then pay off at the end of the month. We use the air miles to finance our Finland adventures.

(I may be old, but I ain’t stupid. I charge everything on that card and pay it off every month. Then I sit back and watch the air miles add up.)

Now, you need to understand that there’s very little time to write a post when you’re suffering jet leg, catching up on hugs with a very special grandson, and soaking in conversations with a son and his wife.

So this is what I call a “cheat post”… I wrote it before I left home.

But it ties in. Really. Just give me a moment.

Since this is our 3rd time in Finland, we decided take an overnight cruise to spend a few days in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

As you read this I am visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Today we’re scheduled to tour the Winter Palace. (Photo above and more coming, I promise.)

And, of course, we’re staying in a lovely hotel in the heart of old Saint Petersburg, which is why I wanted to share this video by Jeanne Robertson titled, Don’t Take the Hotel Room Key.

(If you received this post via email, just click the above photo or this link, http://www.susangaddis.net/2015/07/hotel-room-key/, and wham! you’ll be able to start your day off with a good laugh.)

Now you understand why I’m on hyper alert to leave my hotel room key at the hotel reception desk BEFORE we take the overnight cruise back to Helsinki.

And if you’re wondering what Finland has to do with a spiritual legacy, here’s how an old farmhouse in Finland impacted me in setting an atmosphere for a spiritual legacy in my own home.

In keeping with my Finnish theme, check out these fun observations from our April trip to Finland in 2013: Hello Finnish Weekend Getaway. (Note the snow… in April!)

Pray for us as we enjoy these few weeks with our Finnish family. I promise to have some photos for you next week.


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