How to Stop Living In Worry Mode

How to Stop Living In Worry Mode

Do you ever worry about your kids? I do. Even though they’re all adults now.

The other night I lay in bed musing over a good worry about one of my youngest when the Lord said, “Is this situation really important to you?”

“Of course it is,” I replied. “That’s why I’m in worry mode.”

“Is it about nothing?”

“No, it’s about something important. I just told you that.” I was beginning to get irritated.

“But I told you that you were only allowed to worry about nothing,” He shot back.


Immediately the first phrase of Philippians 4:6 stood up in my mind and recited:

Be anxious for nothing

“The only thing you’re allowed to be anxious about is nothing,” the Lord continued. “So… is this issue with your son a nothing issue?”

“No, it’s a big issue.”

And the Spirit whispered, “Are you allowed to worry about big issues?”

“No… only nothing issues,” I mumbled.

“So, if it’s not a nothing, why are you anxious? You’re tampering in my business. You deal with the nothings in your life, and I’ll deal with everything else.”

I stood corrected. And drifted off to sleep.

Do you worry about your kids?

Sometimes all it takes is a little tweak in how God wants us to view a situation. Realizing the meaning of “nothing” in Philippians 4:6 did that for me.

So what about you? Are you anxious about situations that are bigger than nothing? You know that’s trespassing in God’s business, don’t you?

Get some sleep.

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4 Responses to How to Stop Living In Worry Mode

  1. This is so true! I used to worry about everything with my girls, and since they have special needs, I thought I had a right to. God showed me how wrong I was. Full trust in Him in all things is the best way to love Him. Not easy but well worth it.

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing as one who has more worries than most. You definitely know what you’re talking about! Blessings on your family and especially your girls.

  2. Great reminder. One that I’m sure that I could use about every week or so. I am a big worry wart. One of the things I’ve taken to lately to help me combat my worry is this mantra. “It will be what it will be, because I’m giving it over to the great I am.” And when I think about that, it helps me to let go of whatever it is that I am anxious about.

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