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How to Discover Your Next God Adventure

Have you ever asked God, “What am I suppose to do? What is my assignment from you, Lord?”

Actually, it’s not that hard to discover what God wants you to do, whether for a day or for a lifetime.

Look at it this way…

Life hasn’t always be cookies and cream for you. But you’ve pushed through the swamps and discovered things about yourself you never knew. You’ve become a hero, and you may not even be aware of it.

Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves. -Carol Pearson

You’ve learned things. Things others would appreciate knowing.

How many times have you heard someone express a problem, be it in person or on Facebook, and you knew you could help them. You related to their pain, and you had an answer they needed to hear.

But you never said anything.

Do you really want to storm the Enemy’s camp? Make Jesus famous in your little world?

Look at the problems around you… in the lives of the people you live and work among.

What problems can you solve with the wisdom you’ve gleaned through your journey?

What gifts can you share with others when moments of stress overwhelm their lives?

Instead of asking God, “What am I suppose to do with my life?” ask “What problems can I solve for these people? How can I help them.”

These problems could be physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, financial, technical, health related, work related… you get the idea.

Look for the people that have problems you can help solve. That’s God’s direction for you.

Stepping into someone’s life to help can take a few minutes, a day, or even longer. But if there’s a certain type of problem you consistently help people with, it could be the start of a new ministry or career for you.

Now that you know what God wants you to do.

Just do it.

It’s your next God adventure. Enjoy it.

So tell me… what problems have you helped solve for people? List them in the comment section below this post, cuz I’d really like to know.

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Catch you later, Susan

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This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Mary Collins

    I help a young lady with babysitting who is trying to get back on her feet and I offer rides to senior citizens who are unable to drive. I always ask God how i can be blessing to others.

  2. Norma Gail

    Just the reminder I needed for a friend I’m having lunch with tomorrow. Thanks!

  3. Susan Gaddis

    Two wonderful examples, Mary. And I like how you ask God about it and He shows you. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Carrie

    I’ve not done more things than I have done, but I’ll never forget my elementary aged children running in to the sanctuary to tell me of a confrontation they witnessed. I don’t deal with conflict, wasn’t close to the offended party, and don’t do “personal”, but I couldn’t watch someone be ran off. So I prayed and pursued. Incredibly uncomfortable. My pursuing wound up being the seed planting. Someone came after me (because I wasn’t available when the person reached out) and did the watering. It all worked out the way it needed to for the glory of God.

    Would you consider sharing your post on our #TheocentricThursday hop that is live now until Sunday? This would be a great addition and we’d love to have your voice join us on a regular basis!


    Carrie Ann Tripp

    1. Susan Gaddis

      What a down to earth example of seeing someone with a need and helping that person… even though you felt uncomfortable, Carrie.

      I especially liked how it was tied into a God pattern … being the seed that someone else watered. So practical. Thanks for sharing it.

      And I just left my link on your #TheocentricThursday hop. Way fun

  5. Robbi

    I’ve helped some friends with cloth diapering, sewing and cooking. I try to do meals for those who are sick or for ladies who have just had babies or could use a break from cooking. Great post. God has allowed our experiences, I think at least in part to allow us to be able to relate to those we are called to minister to.

    1. Susan Gaddis

      “God has allowed our experiences, I think at least in part to allow us to be able to relate to those we are called to minister to.” That’s so true, Robbi. And how often do we complain about the hard times, not realizing that later the experience will be gold.

      Thanks for sharing… and I have a few friends who give me a break from cooking when I’m overwhelmed with other obligations. So I know how much you are appreciated by those you serve. 🙂

  6. Gina B

    My big thing is helping moms who feel helpless as they raise kids with autism and other challenging disabilities to feel hope and joy, every week, in their lives. I won’t like, it takes a whole lot of Jesus, but when I look at how my own kids are thriving thanks to my own joy, hope and faith, I know others can do it too!

  7. Susan Gaddis

    And I know there are a whole lot of moms singing their gratitude for your help, Gina. You are more than a role model, you’re one of warriors fighting alongside. I can’t imagine raising a special needs child. I so admire my sister who’s raised my special needs nephew. You guys are my heroes.

  8. I’ve been thinking a lot about this very thing lately–praying to be brave in relationships, willing to take risks. The hardest thing for me, even as a preacher’s wife and part-time minister, is to step in and ask the hard questions that SOMEONE needs to ask.

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