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Is Your Spiritual Arsenal Missing These Easter Weapons?

My prayer partner Vickie and I learned long ago that some of the most powerful weapons of spiritual warfare are virtues we seldom think of as weapons.

For example, Satan can’t identify with humility and compassion. He doesn’t understand them and doesn’t know how to win a battle where they’re being wielded as weapons.

He so missed it!

Satan totally missed the hidden power of these virtues when he orchestrated the death of Jesus.

The Devil took great joy in the accusations, beatings, and mocking that accompanied the gory crucifixion of the Son of God.

But look at how Jesus responded to the enemy … using the weapons of humility and compassion:

  • Jesus answered His accusers politely or not at all.
  • He didn’t fight back when beaten and nailed to the cross.
  • Jesus spoke with compassion to the thief hanging next to Him.
  • He thought of His mother and her need for someone to watch over her … in the midst of His greatest suffering!
  • And … this is big … Jesus forgave those who carried out Satan’s assignment.

Jesus didn’t back off from His mission at Calvary. He had a job to do. And He fulfilled it.

Jesus chose to die at the hands of the demonic psychopath. He demonstrated the heart of God through the whole ordeal rather than set aside His godly virtues.

Satan’s blindness

By ignoring the compassion and humility demonstrated by Jesus, the Devil minimized what eventually helped destroy him.

Satan couldn’t see the power hidden in these weapons. He was blind to them.

And he was blindsided by the Resurrection. He never saw it coming.

Even now, Satan doesn’t know how to fight against such things.

  • He doesn’t understand humility … only pride.
  • Satan doesn’t “get” compassion … only cruelty and indifference.

Yet, these virtues continue to draw people to the Man who hung on that cross so very long ago.

Some of the most powerful weapons of spiritual warfare are virtues we seldom think of as weapons.

Humility and compassion — they aren’t just weapons

You can also think of these virtues as your undergarments, worn under your spiritual armor. (And there are a few more pieces to the ensemble too.)

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Colossians 3:12 NIV).

Here’s the kicker …

When you respond with humility and compassion to attacks that are brutal in mind, heart, and body, you change the course of the battle.

When you look and sound like Jesus as you complete the mission God has placed before you, the enemy is confused.

His arrows cannot penetrate humility and compassion. And he backs off when they are used against him.

So … are you dressed for battle? Are your weapons of compassion and humility ready for war?

I’ll bet you have a story that fits with this tip of godly virtues and spiritual warfare. I’d love to hear about it.

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Cheering you on as you build your legacy of faith,


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  1. Char Meyers

    Thanks, Susan. Great post!
    This exactly describes the situation of the awning here on our balcony…the power of living in compassion and humility. It’s a long story, but suffice it to say we watched God work for four years in our unreasonable neighbor above us. She vehemenantly did not want us to put up something that would give us some privacy and block the sun, but would barely block her view.
    Then, one day, out if the blue, she told us we could put it up. Then after it was erected, she said it was a joke and demanded it be taken down (she is the president if the building association group and does not want the building to be damaged or deformed).
    We prayed seriously, mostly that the Lord would help us keep quiet and gracious, but also that the Lord would give us a solution. Then we found out there is a new law, enacted just before we had it put up, saying that we could put up any kind of shelter overriding the power of any building association that would provide shelter or shade. So Ron offered to meet with her and work something out.
    Her response was that she would talk with him after it was taken down. Since it is legal, we have left it up–it gives us great privacy where Ron can pray, or we can enjoy a meal uninterrupted, or just sit and enjoy the view. She refuses to talk to us–beats having her screaming at us! We continue to be gracious as we have opportunity. And we are compelled to pray daily for her salvation.

    1. Susan Gaddis

      Thanks so much for sharing this story, Char. It’s a wonderful illustration of using humility and compassion, yet still doing what you feel is right. Enjoy your shade and view.

  2. Hillary

    This is expressed so powerfully – thank you.

    Yes, Pride was Satan’s sin. We must combat it with humility. I remember meditating on Jesus being crowned with thorns ad the centurions mocked him, and I was struck by the fact that the Son of God did not open his mouth once to say anything in response to the cruelty. He was silent, He was humble. We must unite our efforts with the cross.

    1. Susan Gaddis

      I like how you worded that, Hillary … “We must unite our efforts with the cross.” Seems like we so easily forget that without His grace and power, we ain’t got nothin’. Thanks for sharing.

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