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God’s State of the Union Address


God’s State of the Union Address was met with wild applause by citizens of the kingdom the other night as He proclaimed the Acceptable Year of the Lord (Luke 4:16-20). Those gathered in the courts of Heaven rose to their feet as King Jesus walked to the podium and delivered the following declarations to those watching in Heaven and Earth.

The Trinity’s State of the Union

My work of reconciliation between mankind and the Father, Spirit, and Myself is final. It is done. All a person has to do is ask to be a part of our union and believe that I have risen from the dead and reconciliation is complete (John 17:20-23).


Every citizen’s needs are totally provided for through My riches (Philippians 4:19).

Health care

Those suffering mental and emotional pain have an unlimited supply of peace and rest available to them at no charge (John 14:27). The oil of gladness offers total relief to those in mourning. A garment of praise is available to those in despair (Isaiah 61:1-3). Physical health care is free through My wounds (Isaiah 53:4-5).


Wisdom is yours for the asking (James 1:5). The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth, and He will communicate to you everything He hears from Me (John 16:13-14).


All sin debts are paid in full. I don’t keep a record of your wrongs (Hebrews 8:12).


The war is over. The Destroyer of Souls and his army are defeated (Colossians 2:15).

Prisoners of War

Freedom is proclaimed for every captive of the Destroyer of Souls. Chains have been cut and the prison bars removed (Isaiah 61:1-3).

Terror and Fear

I give you My own peace so your heart won’t be troubled nor will fear overwhelm you (John 14:27).

Will you pass it on?

Will you stand and declare these truths to all who will listen?

Will you make a difference in your generation …

… and the generations that follow you?

Will you help build our legacy?

King Jesus

Immediately following the King’s State of the Union Address, news channels and social media were buzzing with response, both positive and negative.

Many were skeptical that King Jesus had really accomplished all He stated.

Others were confirming their allegiance and responding to His concluding call to action.

The remaining question is … how will you respond?

Susan Gaddis reporting for GOD Morning News.

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