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The Secret Weapon Hiding in a Bedtime Story by Susan Gaddis

The Secret Weapon Hiding in a Bedtime Story

I’d forgotten how much power is in a bedtime story until recently. Our grandson, Kaius, came to visit one evening while his parents were out on a date. They were due to pick him up around 1:00 in the morning. Too late for these grandparents to sit up and wait.

But for Kaius to be put to bed in our guest room … down at the end of a long hallway … all alone … with only a night-light — that would be scary.

So Kaius got more than prayer and snuggle time in the big guest bed. Grandpa read him a bedtime story. Several of them. Pretty soon Kai’s panic faded away, and he was ready for the crib and a nightlight.

4 reasons a bedtime story is a weapon

1. A good story helps transition your child from his busy day to a quiet night. It takes his mind off of his daily activities or the scary things in his life and puts him into a safe world.

This leaves the enemy little room to torment your child with nightmares.

2. Your child learns the value of story … that the things that really matter are passed on in the stories you tell.

Thus the love and strength of your family becomes his security blanket.

3. Your walk with Jesus can be woven through the bedtime stories you share and the prayer time that follows.

Your child will sense the presence of the Holy Spirit even after you leave the room

4. If the bedtime story is one right out of the Bible, it too can open doors to a quality time of prayer before “covers up and lights out.”

Suggestions for bedtime stories

  • Use a Children’s Bible to tell the story of one of the saints of old.
  • Read a book the child can identify with … even if it’s about cars, horses, or one of the Dr. Seuss books. (I can recite Go Dog Go from memory after reading it aloud 1,287 times.)
  • Use a book the child picked out, but don’t get overly animated or the adrenalin rush will keep him wide awake!
  • Choose a book that is age appropriate. The classic Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is a standard in our house for all toddlers. Older children have a shelf of classics to choose from.
  • Tell a story or two from your childhood. It’s a great way to pass on your history, and what child doesn’t like listening to stories like these?
  • If you’re reading through a series, such as the Chronicles of Narnia, read only a chapter or two a night. Your kids will look forward to each evening’s bedtime routine because they want to hear the rest of the story.

Bedtime stories are an opportunity to hand off your legacy to a new generation, thus becoming a weapon reaching far into your child’s future.

Well … *yawn* … I think I’m ready for bed. Catch you later,


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