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Hearing God's voice online course testimony

Do You Have a Story?

Do you have a story?

Lori Barrow is the Training Director for YWAM Pismo Beach and Central Coast. In this short video, she explains how she has used the Experience Jesus through Hearing God’s Voice course in their Discipleship Training Schools.

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Before Diane attended the Hearing God’s Voice course, she felt something was missing in her relationship with Jesus. Diane was unable to hear God talk to her personally. Now she hears the Lord speak to her all the time.

I took this course a few years ago, and I learned about the ways God communicates with us. Through the exercises at the end of each lesson, I was able to apply what Susan taught. I experienced the Lord personally speaking to me. I knew He wanted me to be able to hear Him speak to me, I just didn’t know the “how” until I took Susan’s course. – Diane Carroll, California

Carrie Calmere wanted to stretch and grow in her relationship with the Lord.

This course taught me to listen and hear God in ways I hadn’t known before. One of those ways allowed me to see pictures in my mind from the Lord. As a result, I feel closer to God and more aware of how He speaks to me. – Carrie Calmere, California

I don’t want you to miss out on stretching and growing through hearing God speak to you.

Come let me show you how easy it is to hear the Lord’s voice, even when your life is busy or out of control.

CLICK HERE for the course details and registration.

I’ll make this easy for you, just like I did for Diane, Carrie, and a large group of students who have attended YWAM Discipleship Training Schools.

Do you have a story?


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