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Vacation Photos From Paradise

Kim Bagato in Kauai from a post by Susan Gaddis

Vacation time! Yep, Tom and I are in Kauai with our good friends, Tony and Kim. And since I could care less about blogging right now, today's post is mostly photos. If you don't like vacation pictures, just skip this post.

This first one is of my friend, Kim, enjoying the solitude. I'm enjoying it too … only in the shade. Kim and I are professionals at solitude, reading, floating in the gentle waves, and eating.

Here's what vacation looks like for us …

Soaking in fantastic sunsets

Old church in Kauai by Susan Gaddis

Exploring old churches.

Lingering at amazing waterfalls.

Discovering tropical birds.

Sampling local cuisine.

Driving all over the island looking for adventure.

Watching the clouds.

Gazing at the beauty.

And reading How to Avoid Huge Ships reviews before bed, This book is a must read. Just check out the 1,190 reviews.

That's it for now, dear frends. We're off to explore a tropical garden this morning.



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  1. Donna Johnson

    You are kidding about the book -huge ships – right??? I went to read the reviews and the whole thing sounds like a joke. Confused . . .

  2. Susan Gaddis

    You found the bogus Amazon book with the funny reviews, Donna. 🙂 We thought they were a riot.

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