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How to Create a Contemplative Legacy With Your Kids

How to Create a Contemplative Legacy With Your Kids

Creating a contemplative legacy with your kids seems impossible with the busy, technological world we live in today. But Kim Bagato proves that it’s possible if parents and grandparents will set aside a daily routine of quiet for their children and grandchildren.

I felt honored to record Kim’s story recently while on vacation in Hawaii with Kim and her husband, Tony. I think you’ll appreciate this short video clip of wisdom from a mom who has successfully raised her children to follow Christ.

(If you received this post via email and cannot view the clip, simple click on through to my Holy in the Daily blog post or view on YouTube here.)

Kim’s a life coach, counselor, and author. She practices what she teaches, and I’m blessed to learn from her experiences. You can find more of her wisdom over at her website and blog.

A contemplative life

Tom and I were privileged to hang out with Tony and Kim for 15 days enjoying the beauty of Kauai and celebrating their 30th anniversary and Tom’s birthday. There was plenty of time for contemplative moments in the early mornings and quiet evenings.

And if you haven’t already, you can weave Kim’s suggestions into your own daily routine.

A time of quiet before the Lord is a legacy passed down to us from those who have walked this Christian journey in centuries past. It’s needed more in our century than ever before as we face a noisy world.

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