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Does Your Communication With God Seem Limited?

Is Your Communication With God Limited?

I decided early this morning that I’m not into dog greetings. Our Boston Terrier, Jack, loves to greet me with a big nose-to-nose greeting … one big, sloppy, wet lick to my mouth and nose after the nose-to-nose thing.

This is how dogs greet one another. This is not how humans greet one another.

Jack and I are learning to communicate, but the nose-to-nose greeting is definitely not going to be in our vocabulary … at least as far as I’m concerned.

Slowly I’m learning other forms of dog communication while Jack is learning some of my vocal and hand signals.

It takes time.

The miscommunications are totally in my court. I’m suppose to be the smart human. But often I think Jack is smarter than I.

If only I could speak “Dog.” *sigh*

Do you ever feel that way about your communication with God … like you’re just not connecting?

Is your communication with God not working?

Do you wonder if it’s just you, or if God doesn’t care to talk with you?

Actually God cares about you very, very much.

He longs to speak with you.

And hearing His voice is your birthright.

You just need to know how He communicates.

And for that, I’ve got you covered …

I’d like to teach you 12 proven ways to hear God’s voice and how to use them to experience Jesus.

Click here to find out the details of what you will learn in How to Master the Art of Hearing God’s Voice.

I hope you’ll join me for this adventure with Jesus,


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