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Are You Missing God’s Answers to Prayer?

Do you ever miss God’s answers to prayer? Have you ever prayed for courage, wisdom, or for your family to be close even when everyone is going different directions with their lives?

Over time, the discouragement sets in — what you pray for doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the map of your life.

Hope deferred does make the heart grow sick … see Proverbs 13:1. If you’ve ever been there, you know how that sickness feels. Real yucky. And sad.

In this movie clip from Evan Almighty, God provides another explanation for what seems to be unanswered prayer.

(If this clip fails to show up for you in your subscription email, catch it here and enjoy today’s dose of inspiration.)

Are you missing God’s answers to prayer?

Were you able to relate to Joan Baxter? I could. Been there … done that.

To reframe your expectation in prayer implies that you are willing to examine a situation from another angle … to think outside the box … to change your view on how God will deliver the answer to your prayer.

God is ever original. He doesn’t get in ruts like we do. He creates new paths, roads, avenues, and exits. We just have to look for them.

Think back over the things you’ve asked God for. Did He fail to answer? Did He catch you from behind in His answer? If it seems He didn’t answer at all, what opportunity might you be missing?

How God has answered your prayers in unexpected ways? Leave a few thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Lydia

    Good way of looking at life and God. “Unanswered prayers” isn’t because God failed, but family members failed to answer the opportunity of God to walk in love with each other.

    Sad to see when family would rather walk in the works of the flesh than in the fruit of the Spirit. Personal agendas of discord become more important than family unity.

    Thanks for sharing!

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