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Grandparenting Your Grandchldren Back to School

Last week I realized that everyone but me was in back to school mode. Geez … where did the summer go? Time for this grandma to switch gears.

What will this year be like for my grandkids? How can I help bring Jesus into their school experience?

The grandparenting opportunities for using this short bit of time to impact young lives woke me up in the middle of the night with ideas I thought you might find helpful too.

Grandparenting Back to School Tips

Whether your grandchildren live close by or far away … whether they homeschool or go to public school … you can be involved in their school lives. Here’s how:

1. Send each grandchild a postcard the first week of school. Let them know you are excited to hear all about the new things they learn in school and the new friends they will be making. Remind them that you’ll be praying for them everyday.

2. Help your grandchildren with homework when mom or dad are too busy. You can even do this over Skype or Facetime. Choose a subject you have some experience with. Maybe you’d like to be the “go to” person for math or art homework?

3. If possible, volunteer to go on field trips with your grandchildren. Or, if you are retired, volunteer as a classroom aide. Teachers always appreciate the extra help and it gives you an opportunity to meet your grandkid’s friends.

4. Check in with the grandchildren throughout the year via a phone call, Facetime, Skype, or, if they live close, a hamburger date. Listen to their stories of school fun and trials. And always ask them what they would like you to pray about concerning their school life.

5. At report card time, give a Ms. Frizzle Award to each grandchild who “takes chances, makes mistakes, and gets messy!” This wise advice from The Magic School Bus encourages a child to learn without the pressure of perfection.

And finally…

I thought I should mention that Tom and I aren’t retired. We both work and lead busy lives. And to be honest, the older we get, the less energy we have for grandparenting. So finding time and energy for our grandchildren is sometimes complicated, but we make it work. Because they are part of our legacy.

So … add to my list! What do you do during the school year to stay connected with your grandchildren and their school experiences? Share your ideas with the rest of us in the comment section below.

Catch you next week,


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  1. Willa

    Erik and I send cards out to our grandchildren on the first day of school. In them, we tell them we are praying for them, their teacher, their classmates and their school. We give them a verse that we feel is appropriate to each grandchild. We tell them that we know they will do well this school year and we stick a little cash into the card as well.

    I am always telling them that I am praying for them which I do every morning.

    I have a prayer binder and a section for each child with their favorites also in there. I haven’t been keeping this up with the last year being so busy with my Mom passing and then our remodel and move, but I want to get this started again.

    I have garnered a lot of information from Lillian Penner who is the National Prayer Coordinator for Christian Grandparenting Network. This year’s Grandparent Day of Prayer is Sept. 7. There is a link to follow if your church would like to hand out information on how to pray for your grandchildren and also other ideas. The website is http://www.christiangrandparenting.net She also has a book out that is really good. Erik and I are going to lead our church in prayer for grandchildren on this day.



  2. Susan Gaddis

    Oh I like the expanded ideas to include in the back to school card. Very cool. And the prayer binder for the Grandkids is one I’ve fiddled with for quite some time, but haven’t been able to keep up either. You’ve motivated me back to it!

    I have Lillian’s book and it’s really wonderful. Every grandparent should own one. It helps in the prayer arena.

    Thanks for the link, Willa. I’ll pass it on.

    You and Erik are such great examples of grandparenting. When I grow up I hope to be just like you. 🙂

  3. Willa Eklund

    Hi Susan,

    I just saw this from last year. Thanks for the compliment.
    We just sent the prayer cards this year and the grandkids should have received them today. School starts tomorrow.

    I love your ideas, too.

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