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Camp Grandma 2014

The Gaddis Family annual Camp Grandma nailed it big time for 2014. Games, fun food, swimming, movie making, and a big family bar-b-que to wrap up the weekend.

My two oldest granddaughters arrived a day early to help me set up for Camp Grandma. We spent hours together getting crafts organized, putting together Bible memory verse activities, finding props for movie making, and getting our schedule and menu figured out. So fun!

Honestly, these two girls did all the heavy lifting for me … and eventually teased their cousins that “Counselors were privilaged to use a secret stash of candy.”

Camp Grandma events

Camp Grandma 2014

As usual, I found most of our games on Pinterest, and my counselors invented the rest.

Camp Grandma 2014

Grandpa served as life guard for pool time. He also slept in the tent with the kids so Grandma could “mostly” get a good night’s sleep.

Camp Grandma 2014

Memory verses written on “camp bags.” (Thank you Michaels Craft Store!)

Camp Grandma 2014

Singing around the campfire and listening to Grandpa and Grandma’s favorite God stories … along with silly stories from our long ago childhood. Lots of laughter.

Camp Grandma 2014

A new favorite … Banana Boat S’mores!

Camp Grandma 2014

Butterfly snacks from 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas at Kosher on a Budget.

Camp Grandma 2014

Nature walk: What’s under you feet? (I’m not sure their parents fully appreciated the dirty socks glued to the Nature Walk page along with the “treasures” found stuck to the socks.)

The Great Murder

The kids really got into making the Great Murder video. My counselors acted as screen writers, costume designers, and movie directors. All I had to do was film and edit!

Camp Grandma 2014

And of course, the stars of Camp Grandma are … Rilian, Karalee, Adelaide, Korbin, Paisley, and Avalon.

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Did you enjoy this little adventure? If so, please share it on Pinterest, Facebook, or via email.

Have a great week,


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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Willa

    Hi Susan,

    This year has been a whirlwind of events for us with settling Mom’s estate, remodeling her home and moving in to it. Then we babysat a lot during this summer. We were going to have an Eklund campout this year, but it got put on hold until next year.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading about your Grandma Camps. I know that one thing is sure, you will always be remembered as the “fun Grandma” but also one rich with a heritage of the Lord. The Lord has really used you in your gifts in everything you do.

    Next year we are planning the Eklund Campout and I want to include in it a Grandma Camp since we do not have room here at our home to do one. I was wondering if in the future you would make a post about things you would and wouldn’t do next time. I know everything went well, but as with all things, sometimes there is something you would like to tweak for next time.

    Thank you for all these ideas – what fun your grandkids must have had.



    1. Susan Gaddis

      Good idea, Willa. I’ll include some t hings I’d do differently in my post next year. For now, I learned after our 2013 Camp Grandma to take the day following for a complete day of rest. Even if I have to put off some of the cleanup for a couple of days, the day of rest is really needed for me. And I’m sure I’ll need it more as the years go by!

      1. Willa

        Lol. I so know what you mean.

  2. Susan

    Examples of memory verses? Stuck.

  3. Susan Gaddis

    Hi Susan,

    Consider something simple and not a Scripture they already have memorized.

    If you can tie the memory verse into a lesson, that makes it much easier to remember. Download this sample from my book, Notes From Our Savior, as an example:


    You can find the whole series of books for discipling kids at:

    Another option is to choose a Scripture that is already set to music. Is there a favorite worship song that is actually a verse you can use? For example, “As the Deer Panteth for the Waters” is an old one based on Psalm 42:1, but easy to learn and use. Run a Google check on Scripture songs for kids.

    Hope this helps. Let me know how your Camp Grandma goes!
    Susan G.

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