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What’s a Falling Man to Do?

Stories of faith about a man falling off a cathedral tower

Aldo saw Martin fall.

They’d been standing together on the high tower scaffolding when Martin slipped and fell off the scaffolding. Down he went … past the bottom of the scaffolding. Past his the other tower workers. Past the cathedral ceiling. Down … down ….

It wasn’t suppose like this. Especially on such a beautiful morning with the fields green after the spring rain and the traders slowly making their way towards to the town market. Friends don’t die on beautiful mornings.

Martin was Aldo’s best friend. The one who was always there when the other stone masons were too busy to help old Aldo climb the ladders to the tower scaffolding.

Now Martin was going to be a memory. No one could survive a fall from the cathedral tower.

No one

Aldo yelled in fury and slid down ladder after ladder, past the other workers who were rushing to follow him.

Landing near the bottom of the cathedral’s outer wall, Aldo hobbled to the steps and made his aching legs take the steps more slowly than he wished.

His fellow workmen dashed past him. Their legs were young.

As Aldo rounded the corner to where he knew Martin would be crushed against the ground, he heard … laughter.

Why would they be laughing? Didn’t they respect a man’s death given in the service of constructing a beautiful cathedral?

Pushing through the mass of fellow laborers, Aldo came to Martin … standing in the midst of a flock of sheep … hysterically laughing.

Beneath him lay a dead lamb. Crushed by the weight of Martin’s landing.

Only slightly injured, Martin grabbed his old friend in a bear hug until Aldo could no longer stand.

And Aldo cried.

In honor of Martin’s miracle, his friends carved a crushed lamb at the base of the tower spire.

A man fell … and a lamb was crushed to save the falling man.

Now if you are wondering what this has to do with your legacy of faith, well … you just failed the test. Go back up to the top and start reading again.

Stories of faith

What are the stories of faith in your own life? Think about those stories. Collect them. Because they need telling. So the next time you’re asked to tell your story, you can explain how the Lamb was crushed to save your falling hide.

And, if you have a moment, tell me one of your stories of faith … in the comments section at the bottom of this post. I’d love to hear it.

In Him together,


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