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God Will Provide — Even During a Bat Invasion

Scene 1: The Bats

A few months ago I learned about a bat colony living in the covered porch rafters of the rental we own. Serious damage resulted from these little creatures of the night.

I knew I didn’t like bats when Key Termite Control quoted me the cost of removing them.

Mucho bucks … like in the thousands-of-dollars-mucho-bucks arena.

Insurance would only cover the cost of repairs, minus the large deductible, not the cost of removing the critters.

The bat problem was serious affecting our finances.

Then we received notice that our wonderful tenants were moving to Southern California.

Now I had to find renters in the midst of yucky bat removal and damage repair and tend to the normal fixing up one does to a rental when in between tenants.

I seriously nursed a negative attitude towards those bats.

$$$ were floating away.

Scene 2: The Hummingbirds

A few evenings ago I was sitting out on our deck watching the hummingbirds dance around the mimosa tree in our back yard.

A smile softly spread over my soul at the thought of God taking care of such beautiful creatures.

God knows when one of them falls to the ground. Would He also know that we need new tenants … like right now!

Scene 3: The Holy Spirit

Humming birds and bats … I don’t like bats. Bats aren’t lovely. In my mind they are ugly—the bad guys. Humming birds are the good guys.

It was then that the Spirit softly interrupted, “I found the bats a new home.

Dang. He nailed me.

It hadn’t occurred to me that God might like bats.

I had kicked the bats out. God had found them a new residence.

Wasn’t I more important than a bat? (At the moment I felt like a worm.)

Will God provide new tenants for us? Dah!

But the Spirit wasn’t done making His point, “Do you really want your negative attitude to leak out on your family? Is that how you build a legacy of faith?”


God will provide. Really.

Sometimes I feel like I’m never going to grow up to think like the King. I so seriously need an attitude adjustment way too often.

What are you facing that needs God’s intervention? Cancer? Financial difficulties? Rejection? Loneliness? Maybe something smaller … like a bat?

If God sees when a bat is kicked out of my house and cares enough to find that bat a home, believe me … God can handle my crises … and yours (see Matthew 10:29-31).

God will provide. Honest.

And oh, … today we found the perfect tenants for our rental. Or rather, God did.

Now it’s your turn: In one word, share something in the comment section below that describes a need you had that God met.

Growing with you,


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