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5 of Our Founding Fathers Were Just Kids

5 of Our Founding Fathers Were Just Kids!

A few days ago I asked this question on my Facebook author page: “How old do I have to be to make my own country?”

The answers were creative. But one of them … Susie’s … stood out to me. She said, “I would ask how old are you now?”

It’s true. You’re never too old to make a difference in your world.

Or too young.

Did you know that when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 …

5 of our Founding Fathers were kids!

18 years old: James Monroe—he served under George Washington during the American Revolution and later became our fifth president.

19 years old: Marquis de Lafayett—the famous French general who also served under George Washington. Lafayett was responsible for our alliance with France, securing their commitment of aid and reinforcements during the revolutionary war.

20 years old: Aaron Burr—he served in the Continental Army and later was the third vice president of our new nation.

22 years old: Alexander Hamilton—his passion for the American Revolution motivated his support of the Constitution. He founded the first political party of our new nation.

25 years old: James Madison—the guy behind the writing of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And oh, did I mention that he became our fourth president?

You Can Make a Difference!

So maybe you aren’t so young anymore. But there is probably one thing Jesus has been bugging you about doing … something that would bring positive change to someone.

Pay attention to that nudge.

Because … you’re important to somebody. So go tweak their world for God!

I’m looking forward to seeing two of my granddaughters and their dad take off to make a difference in Cambodia this week. They’ll be gone for two weeks. And Grandma will be praying for them every day.

Mission trips are a family legacy around here. These trips have been passed down for over three generations of grandparents, parents, and kids. We believe in changing the world … one trip at a time.

I’d love to hear how you are tweaking somebody’s world for Jesus. Take a moment and share your story with me in the comment section below. Be my inspiration today! 🙂


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