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How to Take Action Against Resident Evil

There he was. Resident evil. The enemy … sound asleep inside her tent.

Jael had seen him coming from a distance and offered her tent as a place for Sisera to rest after the latest battle. She’d even obeyed his command to stand in the tent doorway and tell anyone that came by that no one was there.

But that didn’t mean she liked the commander. His army had been the fear of Israel for some time. Even though her husband’s family had ties to Sisera’s king, Jeal hated the evil Sisera spread.

If you’ve ever faced the evil of addiction in your family or the pain of depression, betrayal, and abuse, you know how Jael felt.

Evil sleeps in your house, and you feel trapped. Scared. Unable to live a normal life.

Jael did what any self-respecting, evil-hating woman would have done in her culture.

She lured Sisera to a place of rest, and then … while he was asleep … Jael hammered a tent-peg through his head.

Yes, it made a mess of her home, but Jael wasn’t afraid of a little house cleaning if it meant getting rid of the resident evil.

Now, I’m not telling you to drive a tent-peg through someone’s head. That’s so Old Testament. But I can urge you to take action against the evil that is destroying your family.

How to take action against resident evil

Jesus really nailed it when he confronted evil at the Cross. Any action you take against evil is simply enforcing what Jesus has already accomplished.

So do something proactive:

  • Get mad—anger will motivate you against evil like nothing else will
  • Pray—you need God’s perspective before you move forward
  • Process your fear—talk to a counselor
  • Protect yourself emotionally—set up some boundaries
  • Find help for those that need it—arrange for counseling or intervention
  • Call in reinforcements—find some prayer partners
  • Bring in the big guns—seek legal action if needed

Jael’s legacy lives on centuries after she died.

What about you?

Will others remember you as a person who didn’t put up with evil garbage? Or will they remember you as someone who enabled evil to take up residence in your home?

Don’t let resident evil have you standing guard in your own home. Do something about it!

What aspects of taking action against evil have proven toughest for you, and what other strategies have you found useful? Please share in the comments below.

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Chat soon. Susan

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. cindy king

    i loved this article made me think about how i handle evil i forget where it comes from and i want to lash back with evil myself which really doesn’t help at all only makes it worse and brings out all the old self ,words can be so evil in a family addictions,quilt that evil brings,and on top of everything the pain of being a family member going through it and not wanting it in your home.so good reminder for prayer,support,counselors,Christians that can support you when your to weak to deal with it . thanks susan and blessings

  2. Susan Gaddis

    You are welcome, Cindy. You’re not the only one who’s fallen into the lashing back pothole. Me too. Not good. But what counts is getting up, moving on, and learning from the experience. Good for you!

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