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How to Move Forward When Your Mind and Emotions Are Stuck

Jenny sat across from me and complained again about how her kids don’t like coming over to visit because her house is always a mess.

I knew Jenny was a pack rat. She had lived through the Great Depression as a child and feared being without. And yes, her house was a mess—filled with all kinds of stuff she never used.

Her mind told her it was logical to throw things away that she didn’t need, but her emotions were locked into past memories.

Obviously, Jenny’s procrastination was damaging her relationship with her kids and grandkids.

Are you like Jenny?

Do you need to stop procrastinating? Do you make excuses or fail to complete a commitment?

Maybe you avoid losing weight because a diet plan seems overwhelming. *looks aside in guilt*

Do you drag your feet over responsibilities that are really just little things? You don’t do them because you’d rather watch TV or read a good book?

Instead of feeling on top of the world, do you feel the weight of the world sitting on your chest.

Here’s a little trick a friend taught me about moving forward when your mental and emotional feet get stuck in the mud.

Stop procrastinating with the headlight trick

Remember how far your headlights beam on a dark, country road at night? Maybe about 20 to 30 feet, right?

So you slow down and focus on those 30 feet. You ignore the scenery because you can’t see it. You ignore the long journey before you because you can’t see the whole road, only 30 feet.

Slowly but surely you’ll reach your destination.

That’s how you view the things that keep you from moving forward. Only look at what is immediately in front of you, and then do it. Then look at the next immediate thing and do it. Rinse and repeat until the task is done.

You’ll feel better about yourself and win the appreciation of your friends and family.

Tip: Don’t use a lighthouse lamp. It lights up everything and that’s what you’re trying to avoid. Use a headlight. It only reaches 30 feet at a time.

Use the headlight trick in your Christian journey …

… by looking at what’s immediately in front of you, letting Jesus shed his light on it, and then completing whatever the light focuses on that needs to be done.

Did Jenny ever get her house cleaned up? Yep. About three garage sales later and many trips to the dump. It took four months, but her home is now a pleasing destination for her kids and grandkids.

What’s holding you back from moving forward in the practical and spiritual areas of your life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’ve beat procrastination. What’s worked and what hasn’t? Leave your comments below, and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Chat later,


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  1. Beverly A Lyons

    Good Day!!! Many times I would find myself in a shut-down mode and needed a boost! I would begin singing little choruses of scriptures that I taught students in our church scool such as I can do all things! Yes, Jesus Loves Me and the real getter upper was RISE! SHINE! GIVE GOD THE GLORY! GLORY! Rise, Shine, give God the glory, glory! Rise and shine and give God the glory, Soldier of the Cross!!! His the best part, Every round goes higher and higher…Every round goes higher..higher..,Every round goes higher and higher…Soldier of the Cross! Blessings to you!!!

    1. Susan Gaddis

      I love those old songs we used to sing with the kids. Choruses are a such a great way to boost our spirits! Thanks for sharing, Beverly. 🙂

  2. Beverly A Lyons

    Sorry I wrote quite a bit!

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