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How to Get Rid of Church Leaders in One Easy Step

How to Get Rid of Leaders by Susan Gaddis
Leadership Fumigation

I’m still laughing.

Leadership Fumigation? Really?

I’m just now finding this out as we’re driving down to Santa Barbara for a day at the zoo?!?

Why didn’t somebody tell me about this service years ago?

Having this company on speed dial would have made the last 39 years of pastoring so much easier.

I can envision the ad:

Ever wonder how to get rid of pesky church leaders? Well I’ve got the perfect solution for you. We’ll remove your leaders in one easy step. Call today for a free estimate.

Yep … call Leadership Fumigation and have them do a quick cleanup of all the church leaders who drive us crazy.

Easy peesy, problem solved.

And then I remembered …

I’ve often been one of those problem leaders.


Laughing leaders

I hope you find odd things to laugh about in your day. It makes life so rich.

Especially if you’re stressed — you’ll know you’re relaxing when you’re laughing at yourself.

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  1. Lilly Green


  2. Char Meyers

    Send me some of that stuff, would ya? Or at least their email address. Think they deliver this far?

    1. Susan Gaddis

      I’m sure they’ll be opening an office in Israel soon, Char. After all, that’s where problem leadership started … Jesus pointed it out a lot when He was there. Didn’t make Him too popular, though.

  3. Oleatha

    Too funny! 😀

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