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10 Easter Ideas to Help You Build Memories

It’s been a busy month and this week I’m teaching at a Y.W.A.M. Ministry Development School. And … big confession here … I’m not ready for Easter. Not even a little, tiny bit.

And Easter is this coming Sunday! 

I want Easter to be special. Something my kids and grandkids will fondly remember when they are my age.

And I want the memories to include Jesus.

I don’t want to just wing it, though that certainly is an option. But not a good one if I’m serious about keeping my blood pressure low.

Curse like a sailor

OK, so you shouldn’t curse, but odds are you’re feeling the time squeeze too. Grab your coffee and take a deep breath. Here’s what I’m thinkin’ and doin’ …

Yesterday I stole a few hours for some shopping therapy and ended up with most everything I need to make Easter special this year … except a clean house. (Cleaning can wait until Saturday and then it’s only to make it look decent. Grandkids and their parents will untidy it quickly on Easter anyway, so why deep clean when I don’t have time? Do I hear an “Amen?”)

In one mad dash I picked up food, a cute beverage container, and whatever else caught my fancy. I decided on classy table settings for a new tradition, set up a Skype time with our son and his family in Finland so he can be a part of our celebration, and I made a list of what everyone else is bringing for the Easter menu.

*pause for deep breath* World Market has these darling German Nesting Easter Egg containers that I picked up for the grandkids. I’ll put a personal Scripture promise in each grandchild’s egg. From Jesus, of course.

In fact, I came up with so many thoughts that I decided to share 10 Easter ideas to help you build memories with those you love.

Some may become new traditions, and others may be updated traditions. But I’m sure you find something to help get your Easter plans jump-started.

10 Easter ideas to help you build memories

1. Invite a few co-workers to lunch on Good Friday. During lunch ask them what they remember about Easter during their growing up years. What did they celebrate about the holiday and how? Enjoy the conversation. Laugh. Share your memories. And somewhere in the conversation, look for an opening to share what Jesus means to you.

2. If you have children living far away, Skype with them. If you have grandkids, share your Easter memories. Grandkids love this! (And they will probably repeat the stories to their parents, especially if you include some off-the-wall-funny moments about their parents or your own childhood.)

3. Hide one special See’s Candy chocolate egg for each child somewhere in the house.

4. Shop for Easter outfits for the kids. And yourself.

5. Create that special Easter cookie your mom used to make.

6. Celebrate Passover before Easter as the beginning of your celebration.

7. Watch an old movie about the life of Jesus with your family. (My favorite is The Visual Bible—Matthew.) 

8. Go to Sunrise service (or an Easter service at church) followed by a special Easter brunch at home. Invite friends to join you if you don’t have family in town.

9. Read the Easter story with your family … or better yet, tell it in you own words. Use DIY resurrection eggs. The Simple Home explains how to easily do this and includes printables to make it super simple.

10. Put a new twist on your Easter egg hunts: hide one special item for each child such as a new children’s Bible. Or take small glow sticks and hide them in plastic eggs. Then hide them in the house and turn off the lights for the hunt. (Thank you Pinterest!)

Here’s the deal …

What Easter memories will your children and grandchildren share when they’re your age? Will you have a part in building those memories?

Choose one simple thing to purposely do this Easter to build your spiritual legacy. Then get your feet in gear and do it.

Easy peesy.

Interested in more? See 5 Easy Easter Ideas to Do With Children and Grandchildren and Don’t Waste Your Easter Story.

Do you have plans for Easter? If so, I hope it is full of wonderful memory making moments.

Warm wishes from sunny California, Susan

Would you like to get in touch? If so, just hit reply. I’d love to hear from you.

“Jesus likes it when we share.” -Adelaide, age 3: Pass this along to everybody and their brother. OK, maybe not everybody’s brother, but you know … all of your friends would be nice.

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This Post Has One Comment

  1. Willa

    Hi, Susan,

    This Easter Erik and I are making those Resurrection scenes from Catholic Icing (the website I sent you). They have the printables to download on cardstock. We cut them out and staple them on toilet paper tubes. Erik will read the Resurrection story to them. We do this every Christmas Eve with the Nativity as well. We are also doing the Jelly Bean Prayer Crosses. I like your idea about the glow sticks in the plastic eggs.

    We have one storebought egg that has been filled with candy for each of the 7 and will insert some money into each of them this year. I couldn’t think of anything that they didn’t already have to give them this year.

    We are having our celebrations on Friday and Saturday. Sunday the family is busy so Erik and I will drive to Tehachapi and spend some time there after church.

    I know your family will have a joyous Resurrection Sunday. The Lord has and is blessing you abundantly.


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