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Greed and Gratitude. Not a Good Mix.

Greed and Gratitude

So here’s my Thanksgiving rant: Black Friday has spilled over into Thanksgiving. Greed and gratitude. Not a good mix. Greed is invading Gratitude’s day, and people are embracing it!

I know we all love a sale, but something is very wrong when Red Hot Deals are more important than a day dedicated to thankfulness for what we do have.

William Jennings Bryan reminds us of what gratitude is all about: “On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence.”

That’s it. We have nothing if God has not given us strength to earn it and love to share it. We really are totally dependent on Jesus for everything.

So that’s why I’m not spending a penny on Thanksgiving Day. I’m acknowledging my dependence on God, not my own abilities to earn and provide. And I am thankful he is always faithful to take care of me.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And thank you Lord of the Harvest for absolutely everything!



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  1. Lilly

    Here, here!

  2. Moira Smith

    Like oil and water Susan!!!!!

    I’ll take the latter EVERY time….THANK YOU with HUGs 🙂

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