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God Loves You More Than a Special Blankie

When my oldest son was a baby, he had a special blanket he called his Mymy. It was still called his Mymy even after it tatter down to a six inch scrap of a Mymy. You know the kind of blanket I’m talkin’ about. The one blanket owned by your child that was loved to sheds. Literally.

Our daughter Kati was given a beautiful baby quilt made by my friend Cathy Brazil. It went everywhere with Kati. We never left the house without it or WWWIII would ensue. The world would end in a blast of tears, tantrums, and wailing. (Kati was a lot like her brother when threatened with time spent away from his Mymy.)

Neither of these blankets were much to look at after years of loving. Yet Kati valued her blanket so much she asked her mother-in-law to resurrect it with new material quilted to the old for her daughter Karalee. It has seen several resurrections in the last seven years as Karalee hugs it more and more to death. It looks old. But loved.

The whole household comes to a standstill when Karalee is missing her blankie. Every available body instantly comes to attention and then spreads out to find the missing royal blanket. It’s either that or suffer unspeakable horror.

Shabby. Ragged. Extremely frayed. There is no reason any of us should value Karalee’s blanket so much, but we do.

The value in that old blanket is beyond measure.

It’s called “bestowed worth.”

Through their love Kati and Karalee have given that old blanket extreme value and, therefore, so do we. That blankie is treated with respect and care. (By the adults in the family anyway. Karalee drags it everywhere with her as that is her version of “love”—to always have it close.)

You are the blankie

You are like that old blanket. Probably a little shabby, frayed by sin and the blows life has thrown you. Not particularly pretty. Somewhat ugly inside. But valued beyond extreme.

Angels come to a standstill to gaze at you. They run to do whatever King Jesus asks of them on your behalf. Because Jesus values you, they value you. Jesus has bestowed worth on you.

Your significance, value and worth comes from all the love God has declared over you. Nothing in you makes you valuable. Really.  It all comes from Jesus. God loves you beyond measure. Beyond words. Beyond understanding. Forever.

Enjoy being loved by the King of Kings. Soak it in. Ask Jesus to help you feel his love. You are valuable and worth so much more than you realize. 

Does your child have a special blanket, doll, or stuff animal that now has bestowed worth? Tell me about it in the comment section below. Susan

For more on God’s love and your value, see How to Let God Love You.

“Jesus likes it when we share.” -Adelaide, age 3: Pass this along to everybody and their brother. OK, maybe not everybody’s brother, but all of your friends would be nice.


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