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S’mores and Camp Grandma Decisions

Oh my! It’s Camp Grandma time again. I’ve been digging through Pinterest looking for cool things to do with my grandkids at Camp Grandma this year. It’s next week. So I’m a little behind. I was seriously considering if we should drop the S’mores-around-the-camp-fire ritual this year (messy stuff), but I decided to keep it—after watching this Anita Renfroe video.

(You know . . . I don’t want to be the grandma that deprives her grandkids of a memory making, messy moment. I’ll let Tom handle the messes, and I’ll take the hugs of thankfulness from my darlings.)

(If you received this post via RSS or email and cannot view this S’mores video, visit this post on my blog for your moment of inspiration.)

Now that you’re grinning and remembering cozy times around the campfire, think about all the work before you today and keep it in perspective. Life is good.

Have a great week, and I’ll touch base with you on Thursday. Susan

And . . . for more on Camp Grandma, see Camp Grandma Tips and Ideas.

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