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Hello Monday. And Wrinkles and Victoria Secret

Hello Monday, and hello wrinkles and Victoria Secret. Seems like a good day to add some laugh lines to your face. At least that’s what my soul needs today. Here’s the latest from Jeanne Robertson. And yes, she does talk about Victoria Secret. And wrinkles. And husbands who need hearing aids. And I’m still laughing.

(If you received this post via email or RSS and cannot view the clip, please visit my Holy in the Daily blog to enjoy a few moments of relatable vulnerability.)

Enjoy summer. Laugh. Love. Pay the bills. And laugh and love again. Be human. Catch you on Thursday, Susan.

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  1. Jeanette Morris

    THANKS for this laugh. Super great way to start the day. SHE IS SO FUNNY!!!!!

  2. Bonnie

    Hey Pastor Susan:). So I can only view this on my iPad and this video must be in flash since I can’t see it. Do you have a you tube link? Thanks!!

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