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Evolution of Music to Rock Your Week

Hello Monday, let’s get this week off to a amazing start. Evolution of Music by Pentatonix is a fun acapella anthology of songs through the ages. You need this because it is Monday and you are still adjusting to going back to work. Right? I thought so. You deserve a smile and a coffee, but I’m out of Starbucks cards, so Evolution of Music will have to do. It will rock your week!

Hello Monday! Hello Evolution of Music!

What are your favorite songs from any age in history? Yes, you’ll probably give away your age with this, but what the heck, who cares. Mine are listed in Related posts below.

Have a great week, Susan

“Jesus likes it when we share.” -Adelaide, age 3: Pass this along to everybody and their brother. OK, maybe not everybody’s brother, but you know . . . all of your friends would be nice.

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