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How To Nap a Baby in the Snow

Hello Monday and Hello Finland! Since I’m spending a few weeks in Finland with my new grandson, I thought I’d share with you the unique Finnish custom of how to nap a baby in the snow. *gasp!*

Actually, the Finns nap their babies outdoors all through the year. It helps the baby adapt to the harsh weather and keeps the baby healthy. (And yes, that opening photo really is how it looks outside the front window this morning. We woke up to the gentle sight of falling snow.)

My American friends want to know if my kids are still napping Eli, age 4 months, outdoors several times a day. So to calm fears and lower stress levels for my friends who freak out over this sort of thing, my answer is “Yes, they still do this for a few hours every morning and afternoon.” Here’s how it is done:

Step 1 of how to nap a baby in the snow

Dress baby in warm clothing of several layers.

Step 2

Add another layer.

Step 3

Add another layer.

By this time the baby is already knocked out because he knows the nap routine.

Step 4

Carry baby to stroller.

Step 5

Put baby in a stroller’s ” special sleeping bag.”

Step 6

Put baby monitor in stroller.

Step 7

Fold down special flaps of stroller.

Step 8

Roll baby out to porch.

Step 9

Check baby’s neck to be sure it is not too hot or cold. *grandma sigh*

Step 10

Go out on a date with husband while grandparents babysit.

The baby will sleep soundly for several hours.

So there you have it folks. Quite a legacy that’s been handed down from generation to generation of Finnish babies.

Comments? Questions? Freak out reactions? Add your two cents in the comment section below.

Have a great week, Susan

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Pamela Martinez

    This is so interesting! Each culture has it’s “thing!” with raising babies. The African women carry babies on their backs to nap…and so often we thought their little necks would break hanging out at odd angles. Maybe it prepared their necks to carry large heavy loads???? Never know. Enjoy the grandson & tell Jonathan he done good, by the looks of the wife and child!

    1. Susan Gaddis

      That’s interesting, Pam, but it makes sense. Strong necks as adults from crazy napping as babies… Ummm

  2. Lilly

    Yikes! I bet Grandma bundled up and stayed out with him.

  3. Pati

    That looks so ‘cool’ !!! How come I was not raised with this custom in Minnesota? I wonder if the Swedes do it too? Hugs to you and the baby neck!

    1. Susan Gaddis

      Yes, they do too, Pati. I think that all of the Nordic countries do.

      1. Bonnie

        I think it is pretty awesome too!

  4. Susan B

    Looks like fun to me! I love the cold and I’ll bet these babies don’t get lots of colds and allergies like some over-protected babies do….Enjoy!!!

    1. Susan Gaddis

      I am, Susan, I am. I will so miss this baby when we go back to the states. 🙁

  5. Caroline Dillard

    I remember the first time I saw my first grandson put out to nap…now I laugh when I see the daycares and all the prams sitting out in the cold, every day those little ones are getting their moments of fresh air…but my mum did the same with us in Canada and so did I with mine…funny what we get used to…but not here in sunny cal…lol

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