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The Little Things In Life

little things in life butterfly by Susan Gaddis

This year I plan to notice the little things in life

  • The early morning quiet
  • Fresh coffee
  • Unexpected giggles from my grandchildren
  • The smell of brown grass in the hot sun
  • A personal letter in my mailbox
  • Rain beating on my bedroom window
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Memories in the making
  • Clean laundry
  • The name of the homeless man asking for a handout
  • My dog curled at my side
  • Morning colors slowly waking up the sky
  • Friends who laugh
  • Butterflies in my garden
  • Family that gathers for Sunday dinner
  • Whispers from Jesus when I’ve been too busy to listen

God uses the little things in life to balance our day, give peace to our busy life, and put the world into perspective. What are the little things in life that you plan to notice in the New Year?

Growing with you, Susan

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