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Freaky Fun Twi-harder Fan Club posing for a post at Holy in the Daily by Susan Gaddis

Twi-harder Fan Club Sinks Teeth into Freaky Fun Breaking Dawn Part 2

This is the exclusive Twi-harder Fan Club take away from the freaky fun new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Since my aspiring YA-author daughters, Kati Ayers and M. Christine Weber, have never missed a Twilight premier and lived to post about it, I thought I’d scoop them with the take-away from my Twi-harder fan club—so named because it requires a lot of hard effort (and guts) to look immortal when you’re in your sixties.

Twi-harder fans prepare for freaky fun movie Breaking Dawn Part 2

Vickie Mears, Susie Adamson, and Jeanette Morris joined me in sporting our best Esme Cullen vampire attire and glitter for this event, though Vickie had to use fairy dust (left over from one of our earlier adventures) since it was the only sparkly makeup she had available. *Note to self: silver glitter nail polish DOES NOT come off except with paint remover.

Freaky Fun Twi-harder Fans Susan Gaddis and Vickie Mears
Yes, Vickie and I really do have sparkly faces. Really.

Although I was the only one in our club who had read the books and viewed all of the movies in the series, it wasn’t hard to talk the club members into seeing Breaking Dawn 2.

The combination of laughter, spunkiness, and “who cares, we’ve earned our teeth and our wrinkles” was enticing enough.

Plus, fairytale-handsome vampires who encourage abstinence and family values mean a lot to those of us raised during the dark ages of the last century.

Freaky Fun Twi-harder fans Vickie Mears and Jeanette Morris
Vickie Mears and Jeanette Morris show off their Twi-harder vampire smiles

We wisely brought along our personal photographer and Twi-slator, Sarah Gaddis. Her skills were helpful in interpreting the storyline and explaining the vampire and werewolf cultures for those newly initiated to the Twilight Saga. That would be everyone save me.

Sarah Gaddis on a post at Holy in the Daily
Sarah Gaddis

I bought tickets well in advance, and we met for the Friday 1:45 matinee at our local theater. No, not the big premier, but a respectable next-day showing.

I know my daughters have matured over the years of viewing the Twilight Saga films. They used to go to the midnight premier. Now they aim for the 10:00 p.m. premier. When they get to be Twi-harder Fans, they’ll happily settle for the next day matinee—plenty of seats to choose from and no screaming rabid fan girls escalating your blood pressure.

I do need to give a disclaimer here as not all “older women” display the maturity of the Twi-harder Club, at least according to Mary’s Facebook posting after she, Kati, and their friends returned home from the Thursday night premier:

Mary: “Sooo, the Breaking Dawn premier was epic. Mainly because the theater screen blacked out during the biggest moment of the fight scene. It stayed like that for 10 minutes. *Note to theater people: The older female Twilight crowd is apparently NOT the one you want to tick off. They like to riot.

Katie: “they curse like sailors.”

I’m sure they weren’t talking about our Twi-harder Club. For one thing, if the theater screen blacked out for 10 minutes, any sane older woman would take that as a sign from God to use the bathroom.

And we don’t curse. At least not like sailors.

Twi-harder’s freaky fun comments on Breaking Dawn Part 2

I won’t give away the plot to other Twi-harders, but the following are our take-aways from Breaking Dawn 2:

Bella exhibits impressive self-control in her newborn vampire status. She lets Bambi live and hugs her dad without biting him. Really . . . impressive.

Wow! I appreciated the deviation from the book at movie’s end. An epic fight with heads rolling and fur flying adds tension to the fantastic cinematography of Washington’s snowy mountains.

Edward seems more relaxed in this movie—probably because he doesn’t have to worry about drinking his wife’s blood or breaking her bones any longer.

“That was yummy dreamy,” Susie commented as we left the theater.

Vickie mused,

The vampire with the black smoke trick that makes you go blind and forget wouldn’t work with most of us. When you’re our age, we’re already blind, and we’ve already forgotten.

Jeanette added her more mature, book-reviewer outlook,

Bravo to the author/filmmakers for making us want to ‘like’ vampires. And a nod to the over-arching theme of the complete Saga, foreshadowed in the first movie where Edward and Bella are watching Romeo and Julie. Yes, love conquers all.

I think an afternoon with girl friends is an important part of my spiritual self-care program. We’ll probably all go see this movie again in a few weeks. After all, we will have forgotten most of it by then.

So today I’m saying hello to good times with girlfriends, and hello to aging well because of girlfriends.

Did you see Breaking Dawn Part 2? What did you think of it?

What do you do for your self-care moments?

“Jesus likes it when we share.” Adelaide, age 3: Pass this along to everybody and their brother. OK, maybe not everybody’s brother, but you know . . . all of your friends would be nice.

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  1. Carolyn

    Looks like you ladies had a ‘freakishly fun’ time. 🙂

    1. Susan

      We did, Carolyn. It was so fun!

  2. Lilly Green

    Let me know when you are going to the prequel of Pride and Prejudice. I could probably handle that one. 🙂

    1. Susan

      You got it, Lilly. Pride and Prejudice it will be.

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