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Tom Gaddis and grandchildren on Holy in the Daily post by Susan Gaddis

Autumn Memories In the Making

Fall hasn’t given me much time to make autumn memories this year. It has been a short season for us here on the Central Coast of California.

One day in early November the weather clocked in at 100 degrees, and four days later the hillsides were white with frost. Green transitioned to golden within a week, and many of the trees now dance naked in the wind.

I miss autumn.

However, I’m not going to miss making autumn memories with the people I love. Here’s what that looks like for November so far:

I’ve made simple crafts with my grandchildren.

Autumn memories decorated pumpkins on a Holy in the Daily post by Susan Gaddis

Decorating their own pumpkins was an easy craft. I just let the kids loose with small pumpkins and some Ranger White Opal Liquid Pearls from the craft store.

Autumn memories Thanksgiving Tree by Susan Gaddis at Holy in the Daily blog

A leaf punch helped us decorate our Thankfulness Tree. The kids filled the white branches with leafy things they were thankful for—including their friends and grandparents. (I bribed them for the last one.)

Last week Tom and I relaxed with good friends in Fresno for a few days of enjoying our dogs, great meals, and a picnic in the mountains.

Autumn memories with Tom Gaddis and Tony Bagato with Quincy and Boo on a Holy in the Daily post by Susan Gaddis
Tom Gaddis and his dog, Quincy, and Tony Bagato with Boo.

And this week we brought our dog, Quincy, along to the annual family romp through the pumpkin patch at the Avila Valley Barn. Not all the family could join us as some of the dads had to work and Jonathan and Sanna live in Finland, where they are patiently awaiting the birth of their first child.

Gaddis family autumn memories gathering on a post at Holy in the Daily by Susan Gaddis
Left to right: Sarah, Daniel, Kaius, Avalon, Rilian, Sharla, Sawyer, Paisley, Kati, Adelaide, Korbin, Mary, Karalee, Quincy, and Grandma

Afterwards we headed out to our daughter Mary’s house where the dads joined us for dinner and we laughed for hours.

Thanksgiving lands in our lap next week, and I’m already planning to make Jello orange slices as part of our Thanksgiving spread. The grandkids will love them. (Yes, of course, I got the idea from Pinterest. Need you ask?)

You can’t buy autumn memories as precious as these.

Within each of these activities I found Jesus present. His smile and laughter was always close. I believe that the joy of the Lord is the melody of Heaven, and that joy song was being sung in the background as we lived these moments.

Three thousand years from now I’ll still share these autumn memories with my family and Jesus. They are part of celebrating who we are in Christ, and in this life they cushion the days that sometimes invade our lives with sorrow.

What autumn memories are you making this year with family, friends, and Jesus? Can you hear the joy song in the background? Susan

“Jesus likes it when we share.” -Adelaide, age 3: Pass this along to everybody and their brother. OK, maybe not everybody’s brother, but you know . . . all of your friends would be nice.

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  1. Moira

    SOOOOOO enjoyed the pics too Susan!!! THANK YOU 🙂

    1. Susan

      You’re welcome, Moira. And Happy Birthday from the other side of the pond.

  2. cindy king

    my autumn memories this yr are going to be of the autumn weather here as we are in pa you can step outside and see the season change before you i wish i could send all the colors of gold and reds and yellows here to calif and with those you get cold with snow flurries ,autumn memories are beautiful here the cold hummmmmmm you can keep . stand in the sun for me loved the pumpkin and craft leafs cute blessings cindy k

    1. Susan

      Oh Cindy, what a blessing to live where the seasons actually change! It sounds lovely. And, yes, please do wrap the colors up and send them to us in Calif. And I wouldn’t mind a few snow flurries too, while you are at it. 🙂
      Blessings to you too!

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