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Yes, Prayer Changes Things!

 Do you ever wonder if prayer changes things? I believe it does, and it’s Grandma Bessie’s fault.

I have a small plaque in my dining room proclaiming Prayer Changes Things. It belonged to Grandma. She believed it. She lived it. And she passed that part of her faith legacy on to me.

Now, more than ever, I am grabbing that truth and running with it.

How many people do you know that are out of a job or facing economic hardship? Disunity in our political realm is at an all time high. War threatens the Middle East, and I’m not liking the hateful comments Iran is throwing our way.

Divorce, immorality, drugs, and disillusionment permeate our culture. This is not good.

I know we have a Presidential election in a few months, but neither a political party, nor a gifted President, can solve the ills of our nation.

Only God can help us.

Prayer changes things

My husband likes to tell the true story of a woman named Genevieve who lived in France between 419 and 512. Bishop Germanus spotted Genevieve as a small girl in a crowd of people and prophesied over her.

The prophecy declared that she would have grace and unshakable faith. Plus, she would bring many people to Christ in her lifetime.

When Genevieve turned fifteen her parents died, and she went to live with her godmother in Paris. Genevieve was known for her visions, fasting, and godly lifestyle.

Eventually Attila the Hun came killing, sacking, and doing what most bullies back then did—torching the great cities of the day: Rheims, Mainz, Strasbourg, Cologne, and Worms. In 451 he headed straight for Paris.

As people panicked and prepared to flee, Genevieve courageously stood up and declared that God would protect their city if the people would repent, fast, and pray.

The people responded by following Genevieve in a marathon of prayer and fasting.

Amazingly, Attila and his hordes suddenly changed direction and headed for another city. Paris was left untouched.

Prayer changes things still

Genevieve inspires me. Her story is a legacy that motivates me to take courage and pray. God can still help us.

Our community churches are joining together this Sunday evening for All City Prayer—a time for Atascadero Christians to fast and pray for our nation. I plan to go.

Question: Where is prayer happening in your community, and how can you become involved?

It’s time for us to see that prayer changes things in the 21st century. It worked in 451, and it worked for Grandma Bessie.

Praying with you, Susan

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Tracey

    A great and inspiring post. Prayer is indeed, powerful.

    1. Susan

      Thanks, Tracey, I’m thankful you found the post helpful. God is indeed on the move, and I don’t want to miss it!

  2. Anne Schroeder

    I receive such blessings from your blogs. Time for us to listen to the prophets who say we must repent and turn back to God. Your message is true and uplifting every single day. Miss you and our chats.

    1. Susan

      Miss you too, Anne. Our talks and rides to Nightwriters are so a part of me. I look forward to when you will someday come back to the Central Coast.

  3. Lilly

    We need to pray in good times and bad, but folks feel more desperate in the bad times. It is interesting that there are many French people, girls in particular, who helped turn France’s heart toward God. Oh, that it would happen again there and here!

    1. Susan

      In our day, Lord, make your works known. So be it, Lilly, so be it.

  4. cindy king

    we lost our seat at a airport and had to be put in a motel , as we walked down the hallway there was a elderly lady that said i am lost and don’t want to be alone so here i am with you ,i told the airlines i was with you i said OK???????? then she said i prayed for the lord to help me to send someone then you lost your seats back there i knew he answered my prayer you are Christan aren’t you ,i just about had to hang on the wall said yes , she said see god answers pray ,later we met her family all pastors down to every last son we were all praying for our mom to help her after she got lost just a reminder to me AGAIN the lord answers our prayers how?well its up to him .

  5. Susan

    Inspiring story, Cindy! I am so going to remember it the next time I begin to feel overwhelmed in an airport. Thanks for making my day. 🙂

  6. Theresa

    I enjoyed reading your blog last night. It encouraged me, challenged me, and inpired me; thank you. I would like to know where the prayer meeting is in Atascadero tonight.

  7. Susan

    Hi Theresa,

    I’m so sorry to answer your question this late. I haven’t had time to check my blog with church and all. The prayer meeting was at Atascadero Assembly and it went very well. The pastors led us in repentance, praying for our national leaders, and for revival.

    I’m thankful you found the post encouraging. Blessing to you.

  8. Moira

    ….and it works for ME!!!!! I try to pray on the premise that if I do the possible, then God will do the IMpossible…

    Of course I have to pray in faith…….and then have the patience to wait….I think that’s the hardest part for me!!!

    It’s an exercise I engage in constantly…and we ARE promised that if we exercise anything it gets stronger, right?….which brings me back to faith !!!!

    1. Susan

      It does get stronger, but like everything else, I have to put out some energy to exercise my patience and faith, Moira. You are spot on there.

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