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How a Good Sense of Humor Can Land You a Job

A good sense of humor comes in handy when interviewing for a job. In this short clip, Jeanne Robertson shares how she hired her office assistant, Toni, based on humor and quick thinking. Grab your coffee, and enjoy a few minutes of laughter as you start your week.

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What a good sense of humor looks like at our house

I live with a man who has kept me laughing for 40 years. From solving problems like frogs in the toilet to removing skunks on the back porch, my husband has made daily life funny-crazy.

OK, he shot the frog with a BB gun and flushed it away. The skunk got a head full of empty shoe, and my house received a good dose of “perfume-de-skunk.” Tom’s not real big on pest control.

Have a week full of laughter, and I’ll see you on Thursday, Susan

Question of the day: How has a good sense of humor helped you survive the ups and downs of daily life?

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  1. Lilly

    HA! Helps me survive and keep things in perspective.

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