Getting Comfortable With Prophetic Intercession and Prophetic Acts

Getting Comfortable With Prophetic Intercession and Prophetic Acts

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Since we are in a series of talking about prophetic intercession, I thought I should mention that this means we will be talking about things outside of the conventional view of prayer.

You know what I mean—liturgical and conversational prayers are awesome, but often lack a supernatural element. Prophetic prayer denotes prayers infused with prophetic acts, visions, dreams, God’s voice, and other “out there” experiences.

Somehow in our American culture we’ve learned to dismiss the supernatural to third world countries or the movies. Educated people don’t really believe in such activity, do they?

Educated people really do embrace prophetic intercession

Moses was a college grad; ” educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians” (Acts 7:22) yet performed “miraculous signs and wonders” (Exodus 7).

It seems that Daniel received a vast education too, as Ashpenaz mentored him in “the language and literature of the Babylonians” (Daniel 1:3-6). Daniel also “understand visions and dreams of all kinds,” and Nebuchadnezzar found him “ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his whole kingdom” (Daniel 1:17-20).

The apostle Paul was highly educated in the Scriptures and the literature of the known world, and experienced miracles, hearing God’s voice, and other supernatural experiences.

Prophetic prayer acts

Prophetic prayer can be unusual, often incorporating obedient acts that seem ridiculous. Be open to God asking you to do something outside your comfort zone because intercession will take you into experiences you’ve never had before. As Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz said, “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

The Israelites might have debated the instruction to look upon a snake held high on a pole, but their healing depended on their obedience to this obscure direction (Numbers 21:6-8). You won’t find this prescription in many medical books!

Joshua’s army was instructed to march around Jericho seven times and then shout to bring the city walls down (Joshua 6:1-20). How weird is that?

I once found myself removing invisible vines off of two women caught in spiritual bondage. Tied together by a generational curse of unseen vines, these women wanted freedom. The women could physically feel the relief as I pulled each vine off. Odd I know, but I couldn’t tell the Lord that! I looked stupid, but obedience brought freedom to the women.

So hang on to your hats, we’re in for quite a ride! On Thursday I’ll be posting on what it means to be a supplicant, warrior, and a watchman in prayer. Grab your cup of coffee and join me, Susan

Today’s question: Why is it that we will spend years on educating ourselves for a career or hobby, but not invest time in learning about the spiritual activity of prayer, which involves more than just what we can see, taste, hear, feel, or touch?

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  1. Please pray for me because:
    I. God to guide me in His truth and help me to know his voice.
    II. God to use me where He wants and how He wants.
    III. Help me to accept His plan and live in obedience to Him.
    IV. God will take care of me and bless me because without it I can not do anything.
    V. Lord to help me fight the good fight of faith until the end of my life.

    Thank you!

    Please pray for M, Timothy and E. Erno for:
    I. Lord to guide and to take care of.
    II. Lord to give physical and spiritual health.
    III. Lord give His peace to him to be loved by family, friends and people. Make him Lord to share the love of God and man and a life of peace and holiness.
    IV. Lord give him strength to work, put it to the desired service and prosperity in everything he does. To succeed in all that to be the head and not the tail, a testimony of how God can work and work with the man.
    V. Lord to banish all fears, to sever all ties, to make him free and hopeful, happy, help him understand God’s plan and God bless him when he leaves, he comes and he stands. Hand of God be upon him, and with him to bring prosperity and protect him from all evil.

    Thank you!

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