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How to Cleanse Your Mind With a Mind Detox

With all the detox programs available to cleanse our liver, colon, and kidneys, I thought I’d offer a mind detox overview to help you cleanse your mind.

Why you need mind detox program

God planned that all your mental musings would work in cooperation with his Spirit.

Unfortunately toxic thinking has built up in your brain for so many years that it is often hard to hear the voice of the Spirit. (Shocking, I know, but it happens to all of us.)

Your mind doesn’t use the same method of natural elimination and cleansing used by the rest of your body.

Sure you can do a brain cleanse that removes the buildup of mercury in your brain, but that doesn’t remove the buildup of bad thoughts that contaminate your whole person—spirit, soul, and body.

Negative thinking encourages toxic living. Anxiety, depression, fear, accusations, assumptions, and criticism all poison our mental life and our relationships.

It’s not a pretty picture.

How a mind detox program works

No, you don’t have to drink any yucky green, weird smoothies or swallow ten vitamin supplements every three hours.

You just have to be diligent about checking into your thought life and taking your thoughts captive. Amazingly, once you do this, the power of the Spirit demolishes the toxic, mental-plaque buildup in your mind (see 2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

For an overview of how cleansing the mind works, I’ve provided seven past posts:

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2.  How to Deal With the Accuser Living In Your Head

3.  Do You Suffer as a Mental Busybody?

4.  How to Put Your Problems Behind You

5.  How to Have a Meaningful Conversation With Yourself

6.  How to Handle Rejection

7.  How to Keep People From Draining the Peace Out of Your Day

No, I’m not selling any fancy mind detox program that comes in a bottle for $99.99. This stuff is all free and easily referenced in your Bible.

Happy cleansing and have a lovely day, Susan

Your thoughts? What has been your experience with toxic thoughts?

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