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Why Do Bad Things Happen? Walking in the Midst of Ugly

Why do bad things happen walking sign from Walking in the Midst of Ugly post at Holy in the Daily

Why do bad things happen? People wound us, dreams shatter, and circumstances beyond our control park in our driveway.

I call these seasons “ugly.”

Yet God has called us to be overcomers. Guess what we are to be “overcoming?” Yep, you got it—the ugly.

And here’s the catch: We only have one lifetime to be “overcomers.” Once you get to Heaven, there’s nothing to overcome.

Here’s how to get a godly perspective on your ugly situations:

Imagine yourself in the High Court of the King of Kings discussing the ugly in your life. (You are there, you know, even if it doesn’t seem real—see Ephesians 2:5-7).

Since you are seated in heavenly places with Christ right now, consider these questions.

1. Two hundred years from now, as we are sitting at your favorite coffee shop in the New Jerusalem, what will you share with me about this ugly?

2. Will it be about how negative the situation was, or will you share the instructions God gave you to walk through it honoring him?

3. Will you share how horrible someone was, or will it be how God adjusted your attitude to relate rightly with others involved?

4. Will you tell me about the promises God gave you to hold onto as you walked through this ordeal?

5. Will we talk about the grace and love of God that brought peace?

We can’t talk about those things someday if you haven’t focused on them now. The story you share with me will be about how you wished you had done it different instead of what you learned walking in the midst of the ugly.

If you don’t learn to overcome today, you won’t have much of a story to tell me then.

You are an eternal person. How you deal with the ugly now determines what kind of overcoming reputation you’ll one day wear in Heaven.

You’re building a spiritual legacy that carries far into the ages to come. Don’t mishandle the ugly.

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Susan Gaddis, Helping you build a spiritual legacy

“Jesus likes it when we share” -Adelaide Ayes, age 3 Pass this along to everybody and their brother. Ok, maybe not everybody’s brother, but you know… all of your friends would be good.

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Lilly

    If we could only see past the pit, we would be overcome with His perspective and joy. Lord, give me eyes to see how You see.

    1. Susan

      Seeing past the pit must have something to do with fixing our eyes on Jesus. I’m not always sure how to do the “fixing” part though. Thanks for your input, Lilly. It is always so appreciated.

  2. Carolyn V

    I’ve been walking in the midst of ugly for many years now. It’s been a long and hard journey and it’s not over yet. I have handled it poorly at times, wondering why it was all happening. Questioning God about my life and the circumstances in it. God’s words to me have been for me to focus on the things He wants to do in my life personally … over and over again. Giving up would have been the easy thing to do, but that isn’t what God had for me. There are things I have to do on my part for some of the ‘ugly’ I’ve done, but God will be with me through that just as He has been with me through all of these past years. He is faithful.

    1. Susan

      Your life testifies to the faithfulness of God every day, Carolyn. I know we’ll have so many stories to share at deeper levels someday–at that coffee shop in the New Jerusalem.

  3. Moira

    SUSAN!!!! This was TERRIFIC!!!! You’re absolutley right on the button. I actually try to adopt this perspective, but to have it explained to me in pros and cons, was simply brilliant….THANK YOU dear friend <3

    1. Susan

      You are welcome, Moira. Love you!

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