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The Secret to a Father’s Legacy

What was your father’s legacy? Did he take you camping and teach you Bible stories? Did he throw you up in the air when you were two? Did he walk you down the isle on your wedding day?

Each dad leaves a legacy to his children whether he wants to or not. How valuable a father’s legacy will be depends upon his willingness to intentionally pass on the things of eternal value to his kids.

This Father’s Day video clip from The Skit Guys shows how one generation can influence the path of future generations. Don’t waste your spiritual DNA. Pass it on.

(If you received this clip via RSS or email and cannot view it, visit the post at my Holy in the Daily blog for your chance to get all chocked up. Bring the Kleenex.)

What caused the tears to flow for me during this clip was knowing that my grandfather died three months before my father was born, yet Dad always seemed to know what to do as a father. There were lots of camping trips, wonderful bedtime stories, and lasting memories of learning to cook, paint a house, and swim. (Dad loved to mess around with food.) I miss my dad.

Question of the day: What did your dad do to build a legacy with you?

Susan Gaddis, helping you build a spiritual legacy

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