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How to Make Good Life Stories From Great Traveling Adventures

Grandma Chris knew how to make good life stories from great traveling adventures. Walking through her adobe home was like walking through a looking glass—adventure hid around every corner.

There were pictures of wildlife in the Congo and Grandma riding a camel in Egypt. An ottoman from Turkey graced her den, and baskets, plates, and vases from around the world nested throughout the house.

I played with little wooden animal carvings and decorated my ears, arms, and neck with jewelry gathered from distant lands.

Each item had a story attached.

If asked, Grandma Chris would share the unique story connected with a keepsake. In this way, I came to know my grandmother in an arena far beyond our small world of Arroyo Grande, California.

Good life stories shape your legacy

Grandma’s stories of sitting in a lounge chair on a cruise ship rooted in me a desire to cruise the world. So far I’ve only cruised to Mexico and Hawaii, but tomorrow Tom and I sail to Alaska for ten days on another cruise adventure.

What new things will I learn that stretch me as a person and inspire stories to tell my grandchildren? What keepsakes will hold a tale waiting to be told?

How will God weave the next ten days into the expanding story of my life? How will it become part of the legacy I build with my children and grandchildren?

And, now that I think of it, I still have the elephant bracelet and earrings I inherited from Grandma Chris. I need to put them within easy reach of a grandchild so a story of great, great, Grandma Chris is shared.

You may never travel beyond your neighborhood, but I’ll bet you have some good life stories to tell wrapped up in the things around your home and yard. Every child loves a story. What’s yours?

God has encouraged us to use objects as a means of telling our stories (see Joshua 4). So why not use your adventures as a means of building your spiritual legacy?

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Susan Gaddis, Helping you build a spiritual legacy

“Jesus likes it when we share” -Adelaide, age 3 Pass this along to everybody and their brother. Ok, maybe not everybody’s brother, but you know… all of your friends would be good.

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