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What Passion Drives You? – How to Have Spiritual Passion.

What drives your spiritual passion

What spiritual passion drives you? If you answered “lust,” *frown* you’re at the wrong blog site. We’re talkin’ Holy in the daily and spiritual legacies at this site.

So to avoid unholy, mental rabbit trails, let me reframe the question: What is the passion that drives a strong spiritual legacy?

Passions can be misplaced. If your spiritual passion is self-focused, your legacy will reflect you, not Jesus.

To build a strong spiritual legacy use your God given gifts and calling to make a difference in the lives of others—act like Jesus. Personally, this means to take what God has given you and share it in your unique way with those who need help.

God does not loan out gifts or calls. He gives them. That is why they are called “gifts.” Once they are given, Jesus does not change his mind about those to whom he has given them. He expects us to use each gift in the calling we walk in.

The gifts and call are there whether we acknowledge them or use them.

God’s gifts and God’s call are under full warranty—never canceled, never rescinded (Romans 11:29 The Message).

Most of us know that God has given us gifts and a call, but often we’re not checking to see if we are using those gifts and call to minister to others.

Don’t let the things of God sit on a shelf in your life. Build your spiritual legacy by using your gifts to help others. Be passionate with the calling God has deposited within you.

Now it’s your turn: What spiritual passion drives you? Are you using your gifts and the calling on your life in a way that makes a difference to those God has placed you among?

Susan Gaddis, Helping you build a spiritual legacy

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Lilly

    Around election time, I remember again that some of what presidents are about is to leave a legacy, as if a few good works or successful programs could eradicate all the partisan bickering and grand blunders . . . in some. 🙂

    Whether or not any one remembers our name or our accomplishments, or whether we have what can even look like a legacy, our true legacy will be all the pure kingdom acts that serve others and represent Christ rightly to a dark world. What’s hard about that is that WE want to be remembered, and as we pass on, what folks should remember, even about our life, is Christ. Let it be!

  2. Susan Gaddis

    Well said, Lilly. It’s all about Jesus or it’s not about anything.

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