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The Supernatural Self-focused Love Ingredient

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Love means change. I knew Tom would change for the better once I married him. That was my mission: Change Tom For The Better. You can imagine how far that got us. Especially when Tom had a similar mission assignment with my name on it.

Love changes people—we adjust our negative attitudes and desires to help the relationship grow into all that Jesus desires it to be. At least that is what is supposed to happen.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not real good at adjusting or changing myself. I have my no-change, comfort zone, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t invade it unless you bring chocolate. (Admit it—you’re no different, except maybe for the chocolate.)

Love only means change if it is Jesus who is doing the changing. Of course he appreciates our willingness to go with his flow. But it starts there. Knowing that only the Transforming One can change us. I call it the Supernatural Self-focused Love Ingredient, and it doesn’t come cheap. It cost a Son.

So for Valentine’s Day I thought you might appreciate this Celtic prayer from the 15th century which puts love into it’s rightful place. As we approach all the commercialism about Valentine’s Day, remember this Supernatural Self-focused Love Ingredient.

 O Son of God,

do a miracle for me and change my heart.

Thy having taken flesh to redeem me

was more difficult than to transform my wickedness.

So there you have it–everything you’ve wanted to know about change starts with this Supernatural Self-focused Love Ingredient prayer. Now, don’t you wish the Valentine’s Day commercialism would buy into this truth!

Now it’s your turn: How good have you been at changing yourself or another? What part did you play in the transformation process?

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