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Lent – Reflections That Shape Your Life

In her book, The Liturgical Year, Joan Chittister reminds us, “Lent is a call to renew a commitment grown dull, perhaps, by a life more marked by routine than by reflection.”

Taking her words to heart, I thought I’d reflect on some of the stories and the truths that have shaped my life. Here is one of my favorites from A. E. Whitham in The Discipline and Culture of the Spiritual Life.

I was dreaming that I was treading the streets of the Holy City, pottering about like a tourist. In my wandering I came upon the museum of that city of our dream. I went in, and a courteous attendant conducted me round.

There was some old armor there, much bruised with battle. Many things were conspicuous by their absence. I saw nothing of Alexander’s, nor of Napoleon’s. There was no Pope’s ring, nor even the ink-bottle that Luther is said to have thrown at the devil, nor Wesley’s seal and keys.

I saw a widow’s mite and the feather of a little bird. I saw some swaddling clothes, a hammer, and three nails, and a few thorns. I saw a bit of a fishing-net and the broken oar of a boat. I saw a sponge that had once been dipped in vinegar, and a small piece of silver. But I cannot enumerate all I saw, nor describe all I felt.

Whilst I was turning over a common drinking cup, which had a very honorable place, I whispered to the attendant, “Have you not got a towel and basin among your collection?”

“No,” he said, “not here; you see they are in constant use.”

Then I knew I was in Heaven, in the Holy City, and amid the redeemed society.

Knowing that He came from God and went to God . . . Jesus took a towel and basin.

To live as a servant among the people I lead is a Backward Kingdom principle worth my musings.

Lent Reflections: What are you reflecting on during this season of Lent? Share with us in the comment section below.

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