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Ancient Wisdom on What to Avoid if You Want to Live a Good Life

Persian ruins for post at Holy in the Daily

Some things just stand the test of time, such as these four ancient wisdom words on what to avoid if you want to live a good life.

Inscribed on the walls 
of an ancient Persian temple
 are these words:

Do not say all you know—for he who says all he knows 
often says more than he knows.

Do not tell all you hear—for he who tells all he hears
 often tells more than he hears.

Do not spend all you have—for he who spends all he has
 often spends more than he has.

Do not covet all you see—for he who covets all he sees
 often wants more than he sees.

So my weak points are the first and second bits of wisdom–saying more than I actually know, and telling more than I actually hear. Yep, I’m a big mouth! Which ones nailed your hide to the wall?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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