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Viewing Problems Through God’s Eyes

I don’t know about you, but when problems arise in my life, my gut reaction is to cut and run—or take a deep breath and fight my way through it. Slowly I’m learning to view problems through God’s eyes—seeing difficulties as an opportunity rather than a setback. As someone who has to oversee many different arenas, I need to learn to take my glasses off and view problems through God’s eyes.

Paul Hawken gives this perspective: “Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.”

I’m not so sure I have learned that art yet. At least no one is jumping on board my bandwagon to deal with the latest problem that has landed in my lap. I don’t think the government has learned this one yet either. How does one make problems interesting and solutions so constructive that everyone wants to be part of your team—whatever that team may be?

So this simple post is a request for insight. How do you make an art of approaching problems in such a way that people, including yourself, see them as really interesting and can’t wait to help create constructive solutions?

Anyone care to comment, or are you all going to cut and run too?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Pati Gordon

    The problems have to have fun paths to solution…along with all the serious work. Little self awards for progress…or team awards for partial goals set…lots of humor in the mistakes and lots of hugging in the grief. Make things a game that are real nasties.
    That’s what I am saying! but, please don’t send me your problems to solve just because you think it will be fun for me. :=}

  2. cindy king

    with problems concerning people and situations that have to change i must have gods forgiveness first ,his mercy towards the people ,his love ,his understanding and kick my own self far away before i even start to deal with the problem. at times i think that, that little evil guy works over times putting our worst button pushing problems in front of us and says ok now this will get you ,how will you handle this as a christian . with a problem i will respond its not me its him in me ,his victory will win in the end we will deal with it together his way ,with prayer and waiting for the right answer to deal with this problem .
    funny we just got slammed with a problem and this blog came up so i got to really think about how to handle this thank you lord.

  3. Susan Gaddis

    Great input Pati and Cindy. You both said a lot in a few words. I’m thinkin’ you each have a lot of experience in this area. Thanks for sharing your insights with us–very helpful to all of us.

  4. Lilly Green

    I think there is a big difference with age. When Kel lost a job before, he had the physical well-being to pound the pavement till he got another. The economy is taking a hit on our jobs, and working for the same place, it is even more scary. And both of us have age and physical issues that limit our opportunities in such a job market. So seeing the membership diminish and wondering if the board will justify your existence seems a looming darkness, yet . . . and there must be the yet! Even when we think things are sure, they really aren’t. My perspective in all things must be on the Lord–His purposes and provision. And then there is the aspect of community. Problems give us opportunities to love each other as Christ loves.

  5. Susan Gaddis

    I’ve been thinking a lot about your comment, Lilly, because I can relate to the uncertainty of our times. Our age does limit us, but I like your “yet!” I know that Tom and I have felt the limitations of our age and our jobs have certainly taken a hit–and more may come. But you are right–our perspective must be on the Lord and his provision, purposes, and community. Thanks for sharing.

  6. moira

    Seeing things from God’s perspective….now that’s a ‘biggie’ !!

    Jim always taught me to ‘take the mind of Christ’ for every problematic situation I found myself or others in….

    Then I choose faith over fear, ‘cos without faith in God’s ability to deal with the situation, it’s a non starter for me, since all I’m left with is human intellect…..

    Then I thank Him and praise Him for His creative answers………THIS is very important….

    Then I EXPECT the overcoming power of God to work….which could come immediately, or take years, or not even in my lifetime…..but I KNOW He’s heard me, and I KNOW He’s working on it!!!!
    I’m pretty well tested in this on a daily basis, which might suggest that I now have the whole process ‘down pat’…….wrong!!!
    However the MORE I practice leaning on God, the more ‘natural’ it becomes……which for me, is where the rubber meets the road….

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