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In tha Muthahood

Mother’s Day is this Sunday–are you ready? If not, this short rap, In tha Muthahood, by Anita Renfroe, will get you there with a laugh. Enjoy!

For those who have asked: eye surgery went well and I am adjusting to my new multi-focal lens. The left eye gets the same procedure in two weeks. Thank you to all who have prayed for me.

I am officially blaming all misspellings and grammar errors found on my posts to my cataracts and my current transition to only needing reading glasses.

So, if you see more videos on this blog this month—it’s my answer to simplifying my work on the computer for a few weeks.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Char

    Works for me! Loved the rap, and the reminder to BLESS my daughter-in-law, mother of all my grand kids! Relax an enjoy your family this Sunday, Mother!

  2. Lora Dawes

    Loved the video, thanks Susan! I posted it to facebook after I stopped laughing…

  3. Susan Gaddis

    Thanks, Char, I will. By the way, I think of you and pray for you guys on the far side of the world every time I have hummus and veggies for lunch, which is almost every day.

    I love laughing with you, Lora. Wasn’t there a lot of TRUTH in that clip!

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