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What Does New Technology Mean For Your Future?

Long, long ago my mother would send me down the street to the local Arroyo Grande theater to watch the Saturday afternoon matinee. This tactic provided me with entertainment and her with a few hours of peace and quiet. It cost all of 25 cents.

Compare that with the cost of a movie ticket today and I become very thankful for the blessings of NetflixHulu, and my comfy couch and TV. Technology has made our lives so much easier, if not cheaper. Yet life is swiftly changing as this 5 minute peek  into our near future by Corning shows.

Sometimes things happen that seem to indicate the end of something important in our lives.

According to Daniel 12:4, knowledge will increase as we near the end times.  New technology sure seems to be indicating that we are in those days. Whether we are or not, we have a lot to look forward to in many ways—new gadgets and the return of the King.


How has your life changed for the better because of new technology?

How do you decide what technology is needful for your life and what is not?

(Please share your experience in the comment section below. Inquiring minds want to know.)

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Dawn

    Wow! I didn’t realize that our technology had come that far… of course, for that to be everyday life for most everyone here in the US is still years and year off… but WOW what they will be able to do!

    I agree that as our knowledge is literally gaining momentum, we are being drawn closer and closer to the end. I’m excited about technology– I love it and use it all the time– and excited too that things are getting closer. But remember that as our knowledge increases, so do the other signs… wars and rumors of wars, natural disasters, famine, plague, and all the rest. We can’t get caught up in the push so much as being watchful and living for the Lord at all times.

    I noticed you mentioned Arroyo Grande… I lived in Morro Bay & Los Osos for several years and went to MBHS 9th & 10th grades. 🙂 I miss Central Coast SO MUCH!

  2. Steve Lynstrum

    Susan, I just wrote an article about technology and quality of life and my whole point was to use technology as a tool but don’t let it rule you.
    There are a lot of problems with humans and technology where the gadget ends up ruling and ruining quality of life, hence a lot of mental problems for humans.
    I believe that my family and my quality of life has improved with computers and electronic gadgets but this is not so for everyone.
    I have a friend who was unable to electronically connect with his wife who was far away. He became quite shaken. This man has worked for IBM, Apple, and other computer companies and is evernet, a term refering to always electronically connected. We had a Skype chat the other day while he was on a treadmill at the gym.
    He is also a Christian, teaches Sunday School to elementary kids. I questioned his mental shock at not being connected. Is that OK with you? He hasn’t talked about it lately but we stay in touch of course thru Facebook & Skype.
    My opinion is that when tools begin to dominate quality of life goes down.

  3. Susan Gaddis

    You’re reading my mind, Dawn. I agree, we need to focus on the joy set before us and live for the Lord today, as that is what impacts the future. Technology can help us in that arena if we allow it to–staying in touch with friends, gleaning information that can help us grow, and providing information to others. Our quality of life can be enhanced, providing more opportunities to engage Christ and the world. (And the Central Coast misses you too!)

    Steve– you hit the nail on the head. If we’re not careful, technology can rule us rather than the other way around. What will dictate our lives–God or our latest gadgets. Will we be God governed or Gadget governed? Great example too.

    Thank you both for sharing.

  4. Lilly Green

    Well, at least they still had to cut up the peppers themselves and they still had to kiss without tech help! Interesting video and not far off.

    I think our dependence on technology is a bit scary. We lose basic survival skills by the ease of techie helps, and I think it also sets us up for disappointment because our expectation of connection and the speed of response is so high. We should use it without being used (love my digital camers), but always looking to find the human connection in everything. And of course, we must not allow our tech-filled world to push out the silences of peace where we hear from God.

  5. Jeanette Morris

    Interesting video…especially as I know some of these “gadgets” are already in use. I saw a special on a restaurant where the menu is embedded in the table. So the customer just makes her selection that way – eliminating a server having to take the order. What I see in the Corning video is people looking at gadgets and vitual images rather than at each other. I had the exact thought as Lily in the end – at least they still kissed “skin to skin.” I’ve never been one to jump onto the newest techie bandwagon. I tend to wait to see what “sticks” and then implement only what is necessary to keep me out of the Stone Age. We just got a GPS this past Christmas – but I can still find my way around Atascadero without it! LOL!

  6. Susan Gaddis

    Skin to skin–nice, Jeanette. I hope your hubby never lets you be a technerd. You too, Lilly. We still have an old TV that takes up lots of space, but I just can’t spend the money on a slim one when there are other things that matter more to me–like books. We’ll wait until it totally breaks down and then get a new one…maybe. But I do love my computer and I’m so thankful my old electric typewriter has passed on to typewriter heaven. So yes, God and people first–always. Thank you both for your words of balance.

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