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Learning Trust from Columba’s Celtic Prayer

Iona, Scotland by Susan Gaddis
Iona, Scotland

Restful trust in God’s plans, purposes, and guidance is not always easy. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect, and circumstances can change with little warning. Learning to trust holds challenges not anticipated when the path before us seems clear. It is during the tough times that trust in God takes on substance.

Ancient stories tell of Columba being exiled from Ireland after a battle fought on his behalf where many were killed. Vowing to win numerous lives for Christ, he sailed for Scotland in 563 and settled on the small island of Iona. There he founded a movement that would give birth to the evangelism of Europe. The following is one of his prayers.

Alone with none but Thee, my God,

I journeyed on my way:

What need I fear, when Thou art near

O King of night and day?

More safe am I within Thy hand

Than if a host did round me stand.

The child of God can fear no ill,

His chosen dread no foe:

We leave our fate to Thee, and wait

Thy bidding when to go.

‘Tis not from chance our comfort springs,

Thou art our trust, O King of kings.


Where are you in your trust of God? What has caused you to grow the most in this aspect of your journey with Jesus?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. moira

    You’re talking my language Susan!!!!! And I LOVE Iona…of course!!!
    As Malcolm Muggeridge said after living his life….the only things I ever learned were through suffering….
    As true a statement now, as when Jesus set the example 2000 years ago………

  2. Steve Lynstrum

    Wow. I’m posting this one up at work so I can memorize it. So fitting for the situations that I find myself in these days.

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