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The Gaddis Girls in Bubblegum Alley in How to Make a Memory post at Holy in the Daily

How to Make a Memory and Hold Onto the Things You Love

Someone has said that memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose. I had such a day this week.

We called it the Gaddis Girls Club, and we were celebrating the newest addition to our family of Gaddis women—Sanna Luhtala.

Sanna is marrying my son Jonathan and therefore joining myself, my daughters Mary and Kati, and my other awesome daughter-in-law, Sharla, in the Gaddis Girls Club.

This is a big deal since the Gaddis family was originally dominated by the male species—four sons and two daughters.

To celebrate the addition of estrogen, we worked on wedding invitations, relaxed with pedicures, visited Bubblegum Alley, laughed over Thai food, window shopped in small San Luis Obispo boutiques, and rounded it all off with cupcakes.

A nice way to make a memory!

Eventually I will probably lose some of my memory—at least my parents did as they aged.

But this I know—God won’t forget (see Malachi 3:16).

Someday I’ll look over my spiritual scrapbook with him, and together we’ll recall the joy of the day I had this week with the Gaddis Girls Club.

I fully expect each of my girls to join us—over tea and cupcakes, of course.

How do you make memories that hold your loved ones close to your heart?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. mary

    Best day in forever! You spoiled us. Thanks, mom :-).

    p.s. Send me photos!!!


  2. Heather

    Looks like fun!

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