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Easter and Traditions Go Together. Here’s How to Celebrate!

Easter and traditions go together–kids and grandkids gathering at our place, a big bar-b-que, Easter egg hunt, and, most important, a Resurrection Celebration in a big white tent in the back lot of Father’s House.

Easter is a big deal with our Father’s House family. Breakfast munchies greet you in the Family Room as you meander through to the big tent for worship.

The following service is intergenerational with all ages participating in music, creative worship, and an awesome message that makes Jesus the Honored Guest.

Then we all head back to the Family Room for brunch and connecting with friends and watching the young ones run around on the big lawn out front. I love Easter.

Easter is celebrated all over the world in honor of the One who died, rose from the grave, and is very much alive today. We anticipate his return to planet earth soon, maybe even this Easter.

Easter is a time when Christians everywhere dance in the streets, so to speak. We want the world to know that The Story is true—Jesus is alive! I hope you enjoy the celebration and energy that radiates from this group of Budapest Christians who are part of a worldwide creative arts movement called Up To Faith.

Wasn’t that awesome! I wanted to get up and dance with those old folks I saw dancing with the young people and children in the street!

By the way, if you are visiting on the Central Coast of California this Easter, we’d love to have you join us in the big tent at Father’s House.


What preparations are you making for Easter?

What preparations are you making for eternal life?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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